First there was one lone woman making her way up the hill toward my house and the neighborhood block party to which I had invited her. Then there were several more, and then families with kids started up the hill. Yes! God was answering our prayers!

We prayed and God sent the neighbors!

I forgot to update you in my last letter. The block party took place on June 25th from 5 until 7:30. Sixteen adults and five kids from my church assisted me on site and six other individuals helped beforehand. Eighteen adults and six kids from the neighborhood showed up for the event. We had face painting and games for the kids and a tamale dinner for everyone. A prayer and resource table didn’t go over too well, but gave us some ideas for the next time. Within a week after the block party, I heard from all of those who had my contact information that the event had been “awesome” and very much appreciated.

Now, several months later, I can report that at least one relationship that was started that day has continued. Please pray for Fran’s salvation and that I would be a good friend to her. Pray also for the family that expressed interest in attending our church but has not responded to attempts for follow-up.

Now we are well into our first week of school. God did not grant us 15 new students, but He did send in seven and three more who returned after taking some time away from IBC.

Please continue to pray for these new and returning students as they start classes and begin to adjust to college life. And don’t forget the rest of the student body. All but one who did not complete a bachelor’s degree have returned from last semester, making a total of 27 full-time students on campus.

Thank you for praying for the staff retreat as well. It went well. It was good to get to know some of the staff better and to pray, plan, and play together.

I am teaching North American History and team-teaching Christ and Culture in addition to working with several Piano and Voice students. Life coaching is underway, and students are beginning their Christian Service Assignments.

Thank you for standing with me in this newest adventure. May God grant you His wisdom as you navigate the road He has placed before you.

Martha R Gushee