From Luckie…

My responsibilities as the Business Administrator not only include taking care of the business office with a great team that works well together, but I also oversee the facilities of Indian Bible College.

Kornell (pictured left) is a fourth-year student and has been working on the maintenance crew; he has been offered the role of Facilities Manager, a tremendous answer to prayer.

Both Kornell and I worked alongside the 7 work teams that have come to campus to take on some much-needed repairs and projects this summer. Looking back on this past year, we have had a great year filled with many victories and some challenges. We have been privileged to serve at IBC and God continues to amaze with His generosity and faithfulness. God is doing a great work here at IBC and it is reflected in the growth of the staff and students. It has been a busy year and one of the highlights was that I received my Certificate of Bible Studies at our commencement in May. We enjoyed some vacation time with family, camping and lots of swimming.

From Lanora…

This year has had several heartaches among the students as well as the staff. My heart has wrestled with the Lord yet He continues to mend hearts and prove Himself as the good Father that He is. I was also sick twice with back-to-back illnesses and have experienced lingering physical and mental challenges. In spite of limitations, I am grateful for the addition to the development team of two staff members, Christina and Irish. We had many opportunities to work together and plan for IBC events. Jason’s leadership, of course, was important to our team success.

Our campus was blessed to have new and returning friends serve in the Lunch Program this year. I have enjoyed time and tours with our campus guests. One of my highlights was during our Spring Missions Conference with quite a diverse group in our chapels. We had visitors from several other states, along with missionaries from other countries, including Ukraine, Germany and Mongolia. I shared a kinship with the family from Mongolia as if we were distant relatives; it was an unforgettable experience.

Kid’s Blurb:

From Camron… I worked hard to raise money to go to Broken Arrow Bible Camp in Vanderwagon, NM., which was the funnest week of the summer. All summer long I have been looking forward to school and starting 8th grade and being with my friends at Flagstaff Christian School (FCS).

From Madison… I’ve had fun with my family this summer watching movies, going to a fun Bible camp and being at my Grandma Lillie’s home on the rez riding horses, camping and swimming with my family! I just started 2nd grade at FCS.

Prayer Needs:

  • Transitioning from the summer flow back into the school year–both for our family and for IBC.
    The Lord’s protection and healing within our church family.
  • The Lord’s victory in students’ lives, their success in biblical studies and spiritual growth.
    Staffing needs; Academic Dean, Registrar, Facilities Manager (long-term, for after Kornell graduates), Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Bachelors Graduates: please pray for all of our bachelor graduates in the next steps of their journey. One of these bachelor graduates, Will Axtell, would appreciate prayer for God’s direction for himself and for his family, especially for the Lord’s healing and restorative work in his siblings’ and parents’ lives.
  • Currently we are at 39% financially supported and are 61% away from reaching our goal of being fully supported.

Praise the Lord for the special ways we are seeing Him answer our prayers and meet needs. Our hearts are grateful for all that He is doing in the lives around us. We appreciate your prayer support and financial support as we serve at IBC. May the Lord dearly bless each of you. Please send us your prayer requests. Thank you for being a special part of our IBC ministry!!

Ways to contact us:

Indian Bible College Administrative Office (928)774-3890
P.O. BOX 30880, Flagstaff, AZ, 86003
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Luckie, Lanora, Camron & Madison Bigman