Thank you so much for your love, prayers, and gifts! We are deeply grateful for your part in reaching the Hewa with the love of Jesus. Thank you!

We are moving closer to finishing the Hewa New Testament translation project! In early August, we completed the initial drafts of the entire NT which involved discussing every single paragraph with at least three village speakers. We are now preparing the final 10% to be reviewed by a consultant, which we hope can be finalized early next year. After that, we will be combing over the entire project a few more times with native speakers to look for areas that need improvement. Though this translation is not yet finished, the end is in sight, and we are extremely grateful for how you have joined with us in this huge endeavor.

Susan and Mikenna were delayed in South Carolina but have now arrived back in PNG! Susan was glad to be able to spend the summer with her father in his time of failing health and is happy that the VA is now providing in-home health care. Though it is very difficult for Susan to be separated from her father and mother, she is happy her two brothers live close by to assist when needed, and she has peace in knowing the Lord is taking care of their needs.

Dr. Allan has invested in the lives of many healthy Hewa children

Doctor Allan Sawyer (OBGYN) came all the way from Phoenix to see how the village midwife program is doing in Hewa, and he was a big encouragement to the village believers! You may remember that he originally arrived in Hewa in 2012 to provide training to help Susan start a midwife program in our village. Now ten years later, he was able to see the many healthy children who have been born as a result of the competent care of the midwives. You may enjoy viewing the video that was made after Dr. Allan’s first visit called Healing for Hewa. Just paste this link into your browser:

Nathan & Luk slabbing a large log with the help of Fauwa & Aimos

Two other families arrived in Hewa in July, and while there, they cut a giant cedar log into forty 4X8” beams that will be used for the future Christian School construction project! We are super grateful for Nathan & Kelsey and Luk & Jessica and all their hard work in Hewa, using chainsaws and Alaskan-bar rigs to cut the beams for our future school. We now have enough lumber and other construction materials, (Plywood arriving pictured above), in the village to begin construction, and we are excited to begin the building of the first Hewa double classroom structure in September.

Jonathan teaching Hebrews lessons on the grass

We were able to teach the book of Hebrews for the first time! Now that the translation of Hebrews was consultant-approved, I was able to write lessons and teach the themes to 19 Bible teachers. We are so thankful that the church leaders and other young men are eager to learn the new concepts and then take them to their various homes to teach them to their families. Please thank the Lord with us for continued hunger and pray the love for Jesus and His Word will spread through the surrounding mountains.

Thank you for your love and prayers,

Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna

If you would like to donate toward the Christian school you may send your gift to the regular Ethnos360 address in Florida (312 W 1st St Sanford, FL 32771), and include a note to have it forwarded to the Hewa Ministry account in PNG # 416228.