Update 30 August 2022

Greetings all,

I just finished with a nearly 2-hour “skype” call with the teaching team along with a large number of the folks who have been following the gospel teaching. Wow!! It was a great time, to say the least! The teaching team has had the use of a PowerPoint projector for the past number of months. They got the idea that if we did a video skype they could use it to project me onto the large screen so I could address the whole group. I felt blessed to be able to do that.

I know you have been praying as the death, burial, and resurrection was presented to these folks this past weekend. During my time on skype this evening, I was able to listen to the testimonies of 5 of them – 3 men and 2 ladies. The three men and the one lady gave a clear testimony and shared how that Christ came to die for our sins and He is the only way to salvation, and that only by believing in him can we have eternal life. I was quite amazed as just like 40 years ago with the Wana people up in the mountains, the story of Noah and the ark had a big impact on them. The Wana people use a lot of metaphors in everyday life and so Lord once again used that story to solidify to them that there is only (one door) one way to salvation. The one lady was shy so she just sang me a song, “God is so good.” I am trusting that she as well is trusting in the goodness of God to send His one and only Son to earth to die for her sins. There have been around 200 or so people attending the teaching so at this point we do not know how many of them who have put their trust in Christ. We will continue to listen to testimonies.

In thinking about that, I also took some time to share John 14:1-6 with them. We talked about Jesus being the “only way” to salvation and that it wasn’t through baptism, good works, following the law, or following the old belief system, but only through Jesus Christ. We also talked that it isn’t by adding any of those things to our faith but only through faith in Jesus alone – nothing added. In verse 5 it talks about Thomas and how he wasn’t sure of the way. I shared with them that maybe there are some in the group who are like Thomas and still unsure, and that we wanted them to not be afraid to ask us to explain the gospel further to them.

Starting next week they will be starting phase 2 of the chronological teaching which will be a lot of review and also further showing how those stories in the Old Testament were pointing to the Savior Jesus Christ. This will help any of those who are still unsure and unclear, like Thomas, and also further solidify the gospel message to the others.

Let’s praise the Lord together for the birth of a new Church in this village!, and lets keep praying for those who are not yet clear or unsure of their salvation. God is definitely at work and it was obvious from their testimonies that they are VERY VERY grateful to have folks from “upriver” who have come to share the gospel with them. And THANKS SO MUCH to you for praying!!!

To God be the Glory,

Ed n Jeanne

27 August 2022

We have a prayer request for this weekend. As you know for the past 6 months our Wana evangelists have been teaching in a new outreach in a new village. They have taught chronologically beginning in the book of Genesis, proceeding into the Life of Christ, and now this weekend culminating with teaching about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Would you pray that the Lord would break down the barriers and open the hearts and minds of these people so that many will receive the Lord Jesus as Savior?

Some of the people who will be listening to the gospel message this weekend.

I am reminded of the book of Joshua and how they, just before the Israelites went up against Jericho, the Lord appeared to Joshua sword in hand. Joshua asked Him if he was friend or foe and the Lord answered, “Neither, but Commander of the army of the LORD”. He was letting Joshua know that “HE” would lead them into battle. As they marched around Jericho for 7 days it was the LORD’s Ark that went before them. Then on the 7th day at the blast of the trumpets and shout of the people the LORD led His army of angels ahead and knocked the walls of Jericho over so the army of Israel could enter. So let’s pray that the walls that Satan has built around the hearts of these people will be knocked over and that they will welcome the gospel in. It is likely that there will be upwards of 200 people present to hear the gospel message. Thanks for your prayers,


God Bless,

Ed & Jeanne