Greetings all,

Just wanted to send you all a little update on some of the happenings in Wana. The outreach in a new village continues on and sometime next month they should be presenting the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

It hasn’t come without opposition – You might remember pictures from a couple of months ago of a large tent they constructed to meet in. After getting it put up, they were told by some locals that they were not allowed to use it. So for 2 months, they continued teaching without it only to find out a couple of weeks ago from the district police that they were NOT putting any restrictions on them from using it. Then they knew they had been lied to by those who are in opposition. Yesterday we studied together from the book of Ezra where it talks about how the Israelites suffered opposition when trying to rebuild the temple, yet we saw how the Lord guarded and protected them as they continued on with the work. We know the Lord is going to build His church/temple in this village, too, in spite of the opposition they are facing.

Last week we also sent a survey team to yet another village. This outreach has had some real difficulties getting off the ground, so we arranged for a number of our pastors, along with the missionaries serving there, to go and evaluate the situation and the needs. We took them in by helicopter but are hoping to get an airstrip put in as soon as we can.

The baptismal service at “Flat Plain”

Also, great news coming out of the Wana village of “Flat Plain” where we lived for a number of years. Last week, 50 people followed the Lord in believer’s baptism making a public testimony to their faith in Christ. These were mostly young children so let’s pray for them that they would grow up and give their lives to serve their Lord and Savior.

Lastly, I want to share that my “entry visa permit” was granted last week for me to travel to Asia Pacific!! It felt like a breeze this time as so many of the previous covid restrictions have been lifted and the process went really quickly. I will appreciate your prayers for this trip – my plans are to depart mid September and return mid October. Pray for all the finances needed, all the preparations, and also that the Lord would use me to be a blessing and encouragement to others while I am there.

God Bless,

Ed & Jeanne

 Acts 2:41 – Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them.”