The Ethnos360 Connection Center team is in the thick of it processing applications. With the Associate program, we have moved past the deadline for all paperwork to be in for the June Pre-field Orientation. But more folks are urgently needed! So, even though we are past the deadline, we continue to work to bring more personnel onto the Ethnos360 team.

There could possibly be 18 attendees for the June orientation. Also, it is looking like there will be 37 to 40 candidates for the Ethnos360 Career track. They will be going through the 2-year training program in Missouri. For the Interface college program this summer my colleagues and I have reviewed many applications and at this point have approved 12 individuals to the program. They will be spending one week at the Ethnos360 Wayumi Campus in Pennsylvania then travel to Brazil for 2 weeks. The participants “will explore long-term missionary work and consider their future involvement” as well as visiting indigenous people groups.

One of our new Associate couples are looking forward to serving with NTM-PNG in Papua New Guinea. They will be joining the staff at Ramu Valley Academy to assist with new construction plus be involved in assistant teaching roles with the RVA students. Some of the information online states, “The Ethnos360 evangelical church planting efforts currently in progress in the Ramu Valley have the potential to see the nine current churches joined by eight to 12 more in the coming decade. The purpose of this project is to provide quality and holistic schooling that is safe for students in grades 7-12 from the evangelical churches of the Ramu Valley region.” Here is a link to learn more about the school.

The places of ministry for the new Ethnos360 Associates for this coming year are Brazil, Papua New Guinea and the USA. As you have opportunity, please pray for them that they would arrive at their places of ministry in a timely fashion and their time of transitioning would go well.

We continue to do well here in Kennewick and are thankful to the Lord that we can be close to family. A couple of weeks ago, Diann injured her knee and has been slowly recovering. We would appreciate your prayers for a complete healing.

Thank you for your partnership in prayer and financial support!

Together with you for Him,

Dave and Diann