G’Day to Each of You!!!


It’s been five to six weeks since we got back home here in Florida!!!! Have heard that to travel West is BEST and to travel East is a BEAST and we BELIEVE THAT!!!! It has taken soooo long to start sleeping better and to adjust to the time change!!!


The temperature here has been up in the upper 90 degrees, and well over 100 degrees with the heat factor!!!!! So, we are enjoying our air conditioner!!!!! While in Australia, winter came early and we enjoyed heaters, and layers of clothing!!!!!

Like the song “We still call Australia home,” we do miss Australia and family and friends there, but the cost of living there has tripled over the last 14 years!!! So, we will stay put here in Florida, where we cope better!!

Thank you sooo much for the Anniversary wishes and Birthday wishes!! We enjoyed our 59th Anniversary and Charlie’s 77th Birthday!! Now for a few months, Charlie and I are the same age, before I turn 78 in October!!!!!

While in Australia, we were there for our granddaughter Llahna’s Engagement to Zac, an MK whose parents work in Indonesia with Crossview, another name for New Tribes Mission. Then, since we left, our oldest grandson Jayden got engaged to Sarah, who we met and love!!!! Our grandson Ashton is in the Australian military and stationed elsewhere, so sadly we did not get to see him, but saw and talked with him on the phone!!!! Then our youngest grandson Kyan will be finishing year 10 at the end of the year and will start an apprenticeship in carpentry in the new year!!! They were all huggers, which we loved!!!!

Having been away for 10 weeks, we have had 13 medical appointments so far since returning home. Most have gone well, and we thank the Lord for pretty good health and your Prayers!! Cherrie’s heart has acted up a couple of times recently – pulse rate up to around 120, but resting and taking extra of the medication she is on has helped.

We appreciate your continued Prayers as we get back to normal and journey with our Father, Day by Day!! May all of us be used for His Honor and Glory!!!

We Love and Appreciate each one of you!!! May our Father be your Constant Encouragement!!

Charlie & Cherrie