Dear Friends and Family,

Well, after working for a couple hours on this letter in the other room, I came over and found Corinne napping in an upright chair and she was leaning to one side. I tried to awaken her, but she was unresponsive. After 15 minutes, I finally got her awake and helped her walk to the bed. Her speech was garbled and her right arm and leg were limp – signs of a slight stroke or a TIA.

So our nurses’ aides here helped get her onto the bed and rang 911. By the time they arrived, and got her to the hospital, Corinne had revived and everything was normal, Praise the Lord! They confirmed that these are signs of either stroke or a TIA, so they kept her for a couple of days for observation and testing. We will welcome freedom from any repeat of such scary symptoms. Very often the light symptoms can lead to a major case of stroke.

Today is Friday, and the Dr. wants her to go to a facility where she can get good therapy for a time of rehab. I am waiting for their decision as I write this. I wanted to bring her home because our son Joel’s family are planning to come up on Friday from their family reunion in 3 resorts in Kissimmee–about 15 plus people. She will miss that meal and fellowship. Those who want to see her can go to the hospital two at a time. She won’t want to miss that. Pray with us. “Day by Day” we say, as the song goes. And “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice.”

Now to continue the letter. We are thankful for reasonably good health, and we were living comfortably on our own in one of the duplex apartments here in The Homes of Ethnos360. However, two of the requirements for being able to be “safe and sound” living on our own are these: maintaining good memory and mobility. These were letting us down, my sweet wife more than myself. She was more and more dependent on me, and this meant that I was doing a lot of the household duties. We both felt that this was keeping me from our Bible translation project, and we believe that is the reason God has left us here on this earth this long. As we prayed we felt the Lord was leading us to move into the “Latham Center for Independent Living,” which consists of rooms for those who can care for themselves but would enjoy the provided meals and housekeeping. This would mean we would have more freedom and time to look after our health and personal affairs, as well as our work

So, with our family’s encouragement, we made the quick decision to prepare to move The director offered us two rooms instead of the normal one room in the Latham Center. Even though it would double the cost, we accepted two rooms because we could use the second one as our office or utility room. (At first, these would be across the hall from each other.) On May 24th, after sorting and trying to get rid of a lot of unneeded stuff, we moved out of our duplex apartment into our new rooms all on the same day. We began to enjoy immensely being served all meals in the dining room and having our rooms cleaned weekly.

We have a very unusual and unique situation, and a tremendous, unexpected blessing. We enjoy having our daughter Judy, and Jim, and their daughter Heather all serving part-time on the Homes staff right now. Jim and Heather serve in the kitchen helping to prepare and serve us our meals. Judy works in the nurses’ section helping to care for those needing extra help. She takes her turn as receptionist in the front office as well.

We’ll continue this letter later. I wanted to get this off so you can pray for us in this new situation.


Tom and Corinne Palmer