Greetings all,

Many of our recent updates have centered around the new outreach at a new village where over 200 people are meeting to hear the gospel message. We and the whole team sincerely appreciate your continued prayers for this outreach as they have just started the “Life of Christ” lessons and showing how the promises of God in the Old Testament are fulfilled with the birth of the Savior. Pray that these folk’s hearts will be open and receptive as the gospel message unfolds before their eyes.

This outreach is in the very north of Wana land. With this email, I wanted to introduce you to a fairly new outreach we have started in the south. In recent years more and more Wana people in the south have been expressing an interest in hearing the gospel but as the Scriptures say “the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few.” We do have one Wana family – “Riben and Annie Bowa,” along with a single fellow “Witan,” who has been working in this area at this new village. They, too, are making their way through the chronological lessons in an attempt to make the gospel very clear to these people. Riben feels overwhelmed with all the requests he is receiving so we appreciate your prayers for him and wisdom to only take on what the Lord would truly have for him and the team.

We are also making big plans for the September Bible conference in Wana in which we will be teaching on how to do “Inductive Bible Study”. We will be going through the book of Joshua for this study. My Wana co-worker “Arta” and I will appreciate your prayers as we are rough-drafting the stories in this book which will be available to us for this teaching. We are up to chapter 15 so still have a ways to go.

Thanks so much for being a part through your prayers – you are loved and appreciated.

God Bless,

Ed & Jeanne Casteel

Riben on the right teaching the small group at the new outreach village.
Notice he has all the chronological pictures hanging on the wall behind him which go along with each of the lessons.