G’Day from us traveling Cases with our suitcases!!!!

G’Day from us Cases, home now but still zombies – not over jet lag!!!

Actually, I should say without our cases!!! On arrival on May 28th in Orlando at 8:15pm, our two suitcases were not there. We waited 90 minutes until the next plane from Dallas arrived and our suitcases showed up thankfully!!! Our flight was from Sydney to Los Angeles to Dallas to Orlando!!!

Thank you all soooo much for your PRAYERS!!!! We arrived back home at 11:30PM on May 28th after 31 hours of being up!!!!! We left a cold Australia, where we had layers of clothes on and arrived home to hot and humid Florida!!!

We are two HAPPY CAMPERS with EVER SO MANY MEMORIES of time with our Australian family and friends. Various friends had “Open House” times for friends and co-workers!! FUN – FUN – FUN getting caught up with sooooo many, and being able to share our journey and hearing theirs since it has been over eight years since we were there. Wishing we could have seen more folk, but that was not possible – Charlie did not cope with driving far with soooooo much change and built-up areas outside where we were staying!!! Your part in our lives, made this dream all come true!!! Thank you all sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AS USUAL, GOD WAS GOOD and met our every need abundantly the whole time!!! We stayed way out in the country in the village of Glossodia in a lovely comfortable ”Granny flat’ – a small apartment attached to the home of Ben and Steph’s friends from their church. We were surrounded by GOD’S creation of birds, blooming bushes, and flowers. To top it off we watched the owner drain honey from one of his bee hives, and of course we enjoyed some of the honey!!!

Since our Australian Passports were to run out in August, we applied for new ones. In two weeks Cherrie received hers but Charlie’s seemed to take forever to come through. Therefore, we needed to extend out time there for an extra week. Since we have dual citizenship, we have to arrive and leave on our Australian Passports and use our American Passport to leave the USA and use when we come back to the USA. In eight weeks’ time, Charlie was able to personally pick up his Passport by going into Sydney by train, so we are all sooooo thankful for your PRAYERS!!!!!

Towards the end of our time there, Charlie began feeling fluey but it was not Covid!!! We were tired and thankful for a few days to rest in the Granny Flat before taking the long flight back home!!! We are now getting over bad jet lag – exhausted – brain tired – not able to sleep well with the time change and long flight!!! Appreciate continued PRAYERS for us to sleep normal hours!!!!!

AGAIN, our time was awesome with family and being there for our Granddaughter Llahna’s engagement to Zac Minnis, a Missionary Kid, whose parents are on furlough from working in Indonesia with Cross View – formerly called New Tribes Mission of Australia!!

As we were leaving Australia and going through immigration, a clerk commented on our Passports and how we looked so much alike – of course without Charlie’s beard!!! Charlie remarked that it must be due to our being married 59 years on this coming June 14th!!!! I looked at our Passports and it was true!!!!!

We appreciate your PRAYERS as we settle down into a normal routine, as we walk with the Lord Day by Day.

God Bless and use you also, as you walk with Him!!


Charlie & Cherrie

EXTRA: We saw areas of the bush that were devastated by the horrible fires 2 ½ years ago in Australia!! It was amazing to see trees, blackened by the fires, now with new life growing out of the tree trunks and branches. It reminded me of how people are devastated by events of life, yet when watered and fed by God’s Word, and Encouraged by folk around them they blossom and enjoy life again with their Savior!