Greetings All,

This morning our good friend “Lefran” writes regarding the new Wana outreach. I thought you might enjoy seeing what he wrote in his own language followed by the translation.

Selamat pagi Pa’a. Wimba kareba resi komi sisi’i? Resi kami tiroo kareba matao. Wali si’i kareba yako resi kami. Eo nsatu pasi eo minggu wengi Kami room maguru sindara pei tau Watusongu pasi tau kilo 8. Tau to nasuamo re yunu ngkita: Tau Watusongu – 111 mba’a, Tau kilo 8 – 47 mba’a, panewa bara tiroo gana 50 mba’a wo.u tau yusa sira ma’i seja maguru sindara ndara pe kami eo nsatu pasi eo minggu. Walu ane mangabilang samparia, bara 200 kaborosnya. Wali gete barong kojo i Pue apa Ia semo Pue nsongka to mawali ri watusongu sisi’i. Wali kami maporapika resi komi, pikai kaika kami, see i PUE ngkita to bae kuasanya pasi pamporayanginya sangkani mangawaika kami karoso, kayoa, kadota ndaya pasi anu to rapake seja. Si’i poto ntau tempo kami siromu maguru. Poto si’i taa boros tau miala apa riraya banua. Kami mangika tenda yako terpal 8 x 12 kabaenya pei tawa re’e bangku bangkunya. Ojo tawa nika witinya see naka kami tawa mampake tunda etu.

Good morning sir. What is the news with you? With us the news is still good. So this is the news from us. On Saturday and yesterday on Sunday we studied again together with the people of (our village) and also with people from (a nearby village). There were 111 people from here, 47 people from the other village, and about 50 people from elsewhere who came to study with us on both Saturday and Sunday. So if we count all the people there were around 200 in all. Wow! Praise the Lord because He is the owner of the plan of the things happening in Watusongu at this time. We ask of you to pray for us, so that our LORD who is very powerful and very loving will always give us the strength, the time, the ambition, and all that we need. The photos are when we gathered to study. Not many people are visible in this photo because it was just of some of the ones inside the house. We have also made a tent from a 8 x 10 meter tarp, but we don’t yet have benches for it. We haven’t made the legs for the benches yet that is why we aren’t using those seats.

This weekend’s teaching at the village
The new “tent” they just put up to help accommodate those coming for teaching.
Don’t you just love their simple building programs!
Geoff and I with some of the folks from the outreach. What is happening there is nothing short of amazing.

Ed Casteel

Church Planting Asia Pacific