Hello again,

We are on count-down until we drive out of Tucson on our trip!

We leave in early June (the first leg of the trip to TN is 1,627 miles!) to return to the East Coast where we will see many of you and catch you up on what God has been doing here with UIM Aviation! We are really looking forward to that visiting part.

The amount of time in the car….not so much, but that is what gets us there, so on we go!

In 6 weeks we will be speaking in 17 different churches and meeting with many friends in homes and probably restaurants. We start off in Tennessee and then cover ground from South Carolina up to Pennsylvania with all the states in between! We will miss our friends in NY, GA, and FL on this trip, but we will catch you guys next time! Please keep us in your prayers as we put a LOT of miles on the van and stay in a lot of different beds! (Yes, we are getting older and the different beds is now a “thing” :-))

Miriam just turned 18 and graduates in early June from Faith Christian Academy. She will be attending Word of Life Bible Institute on Jeju Island, South Korea this September. Our home is a little bonkers right now as we prepare for furlough ministry as well as packing Miriam for a year in Korea! Visa, international health insurance, and plane tickets are all in the works right now. Due to current Korean restrictions on quarantine, neither of us parents will be traveling with her… which is a little unsettling for us. There is another girl from Lynchburg, VA who is also going, so we are planning to connect them to travel together.

Thank you so much for praying for Gabriel as he finishes out his time at Word of Life Bible Institute in Hungary. He will return to the states around the middle of August, to begin the fall semester at Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia. We will just miss seeing him as we hope to be back in AZ by then.

Paul is busy at the hanger closing up projects and getting things ready for him to be gone for June, July, and part of August. It’s a daunting task and I can’t begin to touch on all that simple sentence encompasses!

Thank you for your prayers as we go through these last few weeks and then the crazy summer travels. We are on overload with all that has to be done. Somehow it WILL get done and we will make it! God is good, even in the overwhelming times! We ARE looking forward to seeing many of you again. Check out our new prayer card pic below. We will have them with us while traveling.

With love,
Laurel and Paul