The Great Commission is more than a call for you or me to leave where we are and go somewhere else. There is of course, a great need for people to go, but there is a greater need for each of us to take up our own responsibility as part of the church’s response to the Great Commission; to be personally involved in it whatever our particular role may be. — George Verwer

Dear family and friends,

The following statement came from our director a month or so ago.


The Homes of Ethnos360 is a retirement center for missionaries who have given their lives in service to others. “The Homes” exists to provide attractive, affordable, efficient, and economical housing in a nurturing and caring environment, attempting to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of its residents.

Here at the Homes of Ethnos360, we have been short-staffed for quite a while. Most staff wear multiple hats and are often called upon to work outside their comfort zone. This is nothing new. But our ability to adequately fulfill our responsibilities is decreasing every year. We need people who can fill these leadership positions:

Director of Facility Operations – The current director has cancer and needs to step back.

Food Service Manager – The current manager is waiting to retire.

Grounds Supervisor – The current supervisor has been waiting to hand this to someone with the skills more appropriate to the position.

We are also in need of more people for the maintenance team and in need of more housekeepers for the Latham Center, our facility for retirees who can no longer live on their own. Please pray with us for the Lord’s provision of the staff needed to keep functioning.

Last month, it was a joy to host a team from Needmore Bible Church in Needmore, PA. (This was their 4th team that has come to help on NTM Homes property over the past few years.) These folks did an amazing amount of work in the 5 workdays that they were here! This included working on the back gate project. You can view some photos on the website It was a busy and tiring week, but one that was also very rewarding to each person who gave their time and energy. We thank the Lord for them and know that they have taken up the responsibility “as part of the church’s response to the Great Commission: to be personally involved.”

In our last newsletter, I mentioned a specific prayer request concerning my (Wanda’s) difficulties with signing up for Medicare. The Lord has answered your prayers! I now have a Medicare number and our medical needs are covered by an insurance company. I have also enrolled in a prescription drug plan. I am still sorting through all the information that has arrived in our mailbox.

In August, Laura will be coming to Sanford, Florida as an intern at The Homes. She will be working 20 hours a week on our housekeeping team and will be here for about 9 months. Cindy, a local volunteer will be returning at the end of May. YEAH! I am so excited! God is providing.

Brad and I have been traveling up to Maryland to be of assistance to his parents. We spend our time there working and helping to meet whatever the need. This includes dealing with firewood, doing projects around the house, cleaning, and just being nearby for emergencies that may come up. Of course, this means planning for all bases to be covered while we are away from our jobs in the office and in the housekeeping department. We are thankful that our team members are willing to go the second mile to make it possible for us to make these trips.

We are thankful to be part of the team working at NTM Homes. We enjoy being a part of this retirement community of missionaries. Daily we hear stories about God’s faithfulness over the years in the lives of these dear folks. It is not easy watching the physical and/or mental decline. Even so, these folks continue to give glory to God and are so very thankful for a place where they can call home. Some are still involved in ministry in our community on the property and in the local area. Others spend hours a day in prayer for the missionary outreaches around the globe. Thank you for having a part in our lives as we minister here.

By His grace,

Brad and Wanda Hull