Dear Friends around the World,

Here we are nearing the end of our time in Australia. It has been an AWESOME time with family and friends!!!!!

A bit rainy and colder (around 40 degrees at times) than I expected, so wearing layers of clothes!!!

We are “dual nationals” – citizens of both the USA and Australia. We REALLY NEED YOUR PRAYERS as Charlie’s Passport has not arrived yet. Our Australian Passports were to run out in August, so we applied after we arrived for new ones. Cherrie’s new one came in two weeks and five weeks later Charlie’s has not. He phoned about it and they hope it will be issued soon – normally it takes up to six weeks to process and then six days to arrive at the local Post Office. We need to know by the middle of this week if it is on its way, or we have to change our flight tickets – one to two weeks later than planned. SO WE SURE APPRECIATE YOUR CONTINUED PRAYERS!!!!

Nights are quite chilly. The Granny Flat where we are living is really comfortable!!! We are really out in the country – about 20-to 30 minutes from our son Ben and his family. The landscape is AWESOME with loads of trees, bushes, birds, and the occasional snake. Charlie saw one, but I have not seen any yet, except our grandson has a pet snake!!!!!!

Since arriving in Australia, twenty two people we know have got Covid!!! 😮 Floods in our area caused us to be somewhat stranded for a few days, except on our side of the rives there are two grocery stores and pharmacy (called Chemist here).

Charlie is adjusting to driving on the left side of roads!!! Having fun using Australian lingo – boot – bonnet – bickies – lollies – eating Tim Tams and Lamentons – meat pies – and lamb!!! (Won’t explain each of those now!!!)

We were given a car to use which has been GREAT!!! Adjusting to the time change was not easy, and Cherrie’s back is acting up – really sore, but she is coping.

Oh how we have wanted to see everyone we know here, but that has not been possible. Driving at night is not good at our age and health, and Sydney has grown tremendously – mind boggling!!!

May the Lord keep each of you Well and Encouraged in Him Day by Day!!

With our LOVE across the MANY MILES,

Charlie & Cherrie