Spring greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

Satan knows, now, that Jesus Christ has victory over sin and the grave. We recall and show respect to Jesus for His finished work. Satan Is working to disrupt the ongoIng work that Jesus has given all Christians to do to seek and to save that which was lost. Lost in the fall, but redeemed by Jesus’ blood.

We have six requests that need your urgent prayers:

1 Pastor Tom Sandquist is facıng surgery for a lesıon on his spinal cord at the G3 lumbar (a 25-50% rIsk of paralysIs from the neck down). He Is having much pain and numbıng from this. He was accepted by a specialist surgeon in Arizona. Please pray for hıs upcomıng surgery.

Update: Pastor Tom Sandquist came through surgery well. Becky, his wife writes, “We just got great news. The MRI showed no remnants of the cavernoma remaining. Praise God, it’s all out of there! The doctor said that Tom will probably leave ICU tomorrow!” Sandy and I rejoice with them who do rejoice for how God answered prayer through this trial. Thank you so much for praying. He also has no indication that he has any paralysis. The Lord be magnified!

Update #2: Pastor Tom Sandquist is relearning how to walk. His right side is completely numb and he has little feeling on his left side. Please continue to pray. The doctor said that it could take 6-12 months for the nerves to heal. The Lord is teaching them a new level of patience.

2 Ian Romaine Is the seven-year-old son of Jonathan and Hannah Romaine, mıssonaries to Spain. lan has a fast-growing tumor on the stem of his brain. He had a medical evacuatıon from Spain to the USA.  He is in a hospital in Cincinnati, Ohıo. Please pray for hıs upcomıng surgery.

Update: Ian’s parents write, “Please pray as Ian goes into surgery soon to have a biopsy on his brain tumor. It is a vascular tumor and will be a very delicate procedure. Pray for the radiation treatments that Ian will receive after recovering from the biopsy. Pray for future plans as many things are in the air and we just need to make these important decisions one day at a time. Pray also for the many people in Spain as their teammates communicate the truth of the Gospel and the hope that we have in our Savior. Our identity is not in the things of this world, but we find our identity in Christ!” Sandy and I are praying that God will take away Ian’s tumor and that he will have complete healing. Pray for God to guide the surgeon’s hands in this delicate procedure. Think of this as if Ian was your child.

Update #2: Ian Romain’s biopsy shows a stage 4 fast-growing tumor, on his brain stem, that is inoperable. Ian knows, at 7 years old, that Jesus died so that he can live. Whatever way that God chooses for Ian, he will live. We are praying for God to shrink the tumor and take it completely away. Please pray for his parent’s and his two sisters’ faith to be strengthened through this trial.

3. A man, who Steve is counseling, has been usıng pornography for over 60 years. He Is struggling to break free from the temptation. Please pray that he will break free from his addiction.

Update: The man is struggling to break free from his addiction and the temptations of Satan to view pornography. God is able! Please pray that these chains that are holding him will be broken.

Update #2: Please keep praying for the man to be able to stand strong against the wiles of Satan, and to be able to break his addiction to pornography.

4. A couple who Is struggling with their unsaved teen son. The parents are “late bloomers” in theChristıan life– both of whom grew up in non-Christian dysfunctıonal homes. Please pray for this couple to have the boldness to speak “tough love” to their son and that the son will see his need of a Savior.

Update: Keep praying for the couple. Steve took one of their family members for an MRI that appears to have the beginning stages of Parkinson’s Disease.

Update #2: Please pray for a couple to stand strong with “tough love” in dealing with a teenage son.

5. Sandy has been experiencing some discomfort She will have a medıcal procedure on Wednesday.

Update: Sandy may have a problem with her gall bladder. We may find out soon. Thank you for your prayers!

Update #2: Please pray for Sandy as she goes for a nuclear test in an attempt to find the source of some abdominal pain. She is also experiencing pain for four weeks following a tooth repair.

6. Our cousın Sharon had a successful right hip replacement. She is in rehab and Is making good progress. Her next goal is to have her left hıp replaced.

Update: Sharon is to be discharged soon, to go home. She called last night and told us that she had been moved to a different room due to someone in the facility testing positive for Covid-19. Her room was at the end of the hall and they wanted to put the infected person in her room that is farthest from all the other rooms. Please pray!

Update #2: Our cousin Sharon is at home recuperating from a right hip replacement. Her left hip is scheduled to be replaced on June 6th.

We are so thankful for your prayers and financial support of our ministry for Christ over the past 30 years. We are so glad that we took the advice of some senior missionaries, back In the early 90s, who stated, “If we knew we would have lived so long, we would have taken better care of our bodıes!” We have been very careful to take good care of our bodies from that time forward God is giving us good health God’s plan for us, in our retirement years, has not been what we thought that it would be. However, we know that we are where God wants us to be and that we are doing what God wants us to be doıng.

Listening for the trump and praying,
Steve and Sandy Aholt