Greetings all,

This email is a few hours late as we have been in a bit of jet lag today. Just wanted to let you know that the three of us arrived back in Kearney, Nebraska last night at about 9:30 p.m. after a long day. Actually, according to the clock we arrived in 15 hours, but after adding another 12 hours due to the time difference it came out to 27 hours.

When we arrived in Tokyo we were disappointed to find out that our connecting flight to Los Angeles had a delay of about an hour. We already had a tight connection in LA with needing to get through immigration and customs, so it was looking like we might possibly have to overnight in Denver. However, the Lord had prepared a strong west wind which was up to 150 mph at times which pushed us across the Pacific in record time and got us into LA at the originally scheduled time. We were able to buzz through immigration and customs quite quickly and made it to the gate with even a little time to spare. From there it was on to Denver with about 3 hours layover and then on to Kearney. It was good to land and see Jeannie running up to greet us as we came into the baggage area – the Lord is good. Today we have all been dragging – the clock on the wall is telling us it is daytime but our bodies are telling us it is night and that we should be in bed 🙂 :-).

Thanks SO MUCH for all your prayers for us as we made this trip. It was truly a blessing to be able to reconnect and hopefully get back on schedule after the two years of Covid interruption. One of the special events that happened on this trip was being able to meet with a number of people who are in the new evangelistic outreach in a new Wana village.

Some of the people from the new outreach. The fellow in the batik shirt to my right is “Pa’a mPera” (The father of Pera) He was one of our guides into the area back in September of 1978. The gospel is coming full circle in Wana!

These folks are thrilled to be studying the Old Testament stories and getting a foundation for the gospel message. Many of them attended our Bible conference, and one older gentleman even attended an afternoon church business meeting. One of the items of discussion that day was how to pay for the expenses of the outreach as it involves a lot of travel back and forth. This fellow spoke up with sheer gratitude in his heart as he said the teaching was so important to them that they wanted to help our evangelists with some of their expenses. Wow! These people aren’t even believers yet but the teaching is so important to them that they are willing to do all they can to help so our evangelists have what they need to continue on. That was truly a blessing to witness! Again, thank you so much for your part in seeing these people come to know the Lord!

God Bless,

Ed, Jeanne, Geoff, & Tina