Thank you for praying for the students as they went on their Ministry Immersion Trip (MIT) last week. This ended up being the most diverse and internationally focused trip the school has ever sponsored! What a variety of opportunities the students enjoyed as they ministered to (and were ministered to by) Congolese, Afghan, Burmese (of the Karen people) refugees; Akimel O’odham (Pima) people on several reservations outside Phoenix; and served in several churches (Native and Anglo), as well as helping out at United Indian Missions (UIM) where they stayed overnight most of the week.

Johnny (first-semester freshman)
Alumnus Robbie praying for a current student, Aaron, at the Phoenix IBC Connection event
Cece waving goodbye as they pulled out of IBC and headed for Phoenix

Praise God for safety in travel, for exposure to many different groups, for opportunities to share the love of Christ with people from a variety of backgrounds, and for good attitudes as the students and three staff members interacted with each other over the course of an entire week together.

The students are now starting their week of spring break. Most of the staff are in in-service meetings or working in their offices for much of the week. I plan to take Friday, April 8, to go hiking with a friend before classes resume on April 11 for the start of our final term.

Would you be interested in joining IBC in a Day of Prayer for recruitment and enrollment? (It was originally scheduled for April 5, but it could be used any time.) We continue to see tremendous obstacles to growing our enrollment and filling our campus, and we need your help in devoted prayer to see more Native men and women answer God’s call to be discipled and trained for ministry and service to their own people.


Thank you for considering this opportunity.

Thank you again for your faithful support through prayer and finances.