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From the Desk of the President
April 2022
Dear friends,

Thank you for your prayers for IBC! We are seeing some tremendous blessings in answer to your prayers:
In my last update, I asked you to pray for our workshops at the Advancing Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) Conference in Orlando. The four workshops had a total of 85 participants and were a very valuable contribution to the association. The pictures show two of the workshops in which we participated (Native staff on the panel, myself moderating).

Additionally, ABHE’s president Philip Dearborn was on our campus on Tuesday (pictured above). It was a real blessing to have him with us, and to develop a stronger relationship with him and the association. If you’d like to learn more about ABHE’s past, present, and future see the five videos on the bottom of the home page at Bonus: IBC staff and students show up in four of the five videos!

IBC’s commitment to raising up healthy Native leaders culminates in a very robust emphasis on student leaders. IBC trains student council officers to help plan student activities (including the upcoming Ministry Immersion Trip; see below), resident assistants (RA’s) to care for students in the dorms, and student chaplains to lead discipleship groups and help the other leaders in learning to shepherd their peers.

If you watched the message on transformation shared in the November update (here is the link again: then you know IBC is passionate about transformed lives. This means we “wade into the mess” of our students’ lives, giving them the freedom to fail (even as leaders) but not the freedom to pretend they didn’t fail…or to stay “knocked down” by that failure. Every March, in the midst of our discipleship unit on integrity, the students spend 4+ hours together in “Confession Chapel,” living out James 5:16 in their relationships. This year, our student leaders have really struggled in their relationships with each other but embraced an incredible level of humility in confession before and during that chapel time. Their relationships have been greatly reconciled and restored, just in time for the annual Ministry Immersion Trip. We praise God for the transforming work of the Holy Spirit to teach us how to humble ourselves before the Lord and each other (James 4:10).


Speaking of that, please pray for the 21 students and three staff going on the Ministry Immersion Trip (MIT). The group is gone Friday through Thursday, serving Native peoples and Native ministries in the Phoenix area. Pray that the MIT is a great blessing to those being served and for the students to grow closer to the Lord and to each other during this “lab experience.”

I also have a personal prayer request: as many of you know, our oldest daughter Abby (age 15; front left in the picture) has had undiagnosed abdominal pain for almost three years now. We continue to exhaust every option to discern the cause and proper treatments for this, but to no avail. The next step is an exploratory surgery in Denver in early April— when I am scheduled to be out of state on an accreditation site team visit. Please pray for safety for Sarah and Abby in their travels during the surgery. And pray for answers as a result of this procedure.

Finally, would you plan to join IBC in a Day of Prayer for recruitment and enrollment on Tuesday, April 6th? We continue to see tremendous obstacles to growing our enrollment and filling our campus, and we need your help in devoted prayer in seeing more Native men and women answer God’s call to be discipled and trained for ministry and service to their own people. More information will be coming next week.

Thank you for your sacrifices in praying for, volunteering with, and giving to IBC! I am deeply grateful for all those who partner with us.
Gratefully serving Christ,

Jason & Sarah Koppen