Bible translation check!

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and gifts! We are deeply grateful for your partnership with us in reaching the Hewa tribal people with the love of Jesus. Thank you!

We are very thankful for a successful consultant review of the books and chapters we have been working on! The good news is we are nearly finished translating the New Testament with only 2/3 of Luke and 1-3 John left to finish. Our consultant friend has agreed to tentatively schedule the final review of the New Testament for January of next year. It will be amazing to have that finished and we can’t wait to turn our focus to key books and chapters of the Old Testament. Thank you for your part in this project through these many years.

The Lord has been providing in beautiful ways for us to purchase construction supplies for the future school buildings in Hewa. So far the mission pilots have been able to deliver steel foundation posts, cement, some roofing, exterior siding, and some of the plywood flooring. Currently, we are experiencing a delay in the amount of flights that are available to carry lumber into our village but we are confident the Lord has gone before us, so that even if we need to delay the start date for this project it will get finished. We are still hoping to start construction on the first classroom building in April and then wait to see when the Lord opens the door for more flights so we can start on the second and third buildings.

The little Christian school is currently operating with three teachers, with an enrollment of 59 students ranging from kindergarten through 4th grade. Though we have not seen this year’s classes in action yet we heard glowing reports from the three men (Faimpat, Yanis and Ken pictured above) who came here to help us with the consultant review. We are making plans to be reunited with our Hewa friends on March 17 so it won’t be long before we get a first-hand peek into what the Lord is doing.

Alice with her mother

The teachers have described to me how they have a passion for discipleship so please pray together with them that the Lord will use their service to stir the hearts of the kids so they will commit their lives to Him.

Susan has successfully completed her online college class and is now ready to work as a level one educational therapist in order to help missionary kids here in PNG. She finds great joy investing in the hearts of children and is currently busy assisting with the home-school resource center that operates at this mission center. Please pray for Susan’s parents in South Carolina as it is difficult for her to hear of the health struggles they are facing right now.

Thank you for your love and prayers,

Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna

If you would like to donate toward the Christian school you may send your gift to the regular Ethnos360 address in Florida (312 W 1st St Sanford, FL 32771), and include a note to have it forwarded to the Hewa Ministry account in PNG # 416228.