Dear Friends,

Hi there from sunny Florida!!

Due to our travel agency not refunding our trip to Australia and wanting almost six thousand more dollars, we used the initial money to fly to Kansas to see Ray and Janelle and their family there for a week!!! It had been five years since we last saw them so our time was REALLY SPECIAL, plus we were able to be there for our third great grandchild’s second Birthday – AWESOME!!! Then we were able to visit one of our supporting churches and stay with friends until we flew back to Florida on the 22nd. That time was also REALLY SPECIAL!!! Crazy weather with it being around twelve degrees in Kansas and eighty degrees in Florida!!!!

The day before we flew back from Kansas (February 21st), Charlie started having a really bad cough. After we got home, he did a Covid test which was negative for which we are thankful. He contacted our doctor and had a zoom time with him. Our doctor feels Charlie has bronchitis and started him on an antibiotic. We sure appreciate your Prayer that he will feel much better!! I have a different kind of barking cough so our doctor ordered an antibiotic last Friday night for me!!! On Monday I was coughing sooo much I coughed up blood, so Charlie took me to the ER.!! They did oodles of tests including Covid and it was negative for which we are thankful. They did a chest x-ray and then a scan and both were fine as were all blood tests!!! I am to continue the antibiotic I started on Saturday and now have something that has started helping with the cough. They think the blood came from an irritated esophagus. Charlie is slowly improving, and we both have regular routine appointments tomorrow afternoon with our GP, who we like! We continue to appreciate your Prayers as we plan on flying to Australia on March 16th.

We changed the agency and worked through Siama which help Christian workers. We got tickets to Australia at a more reasonable cost. We fly from Orlando to Los Angeles to Sydney on March 16th returning on May 21st. We really appreciate your Prayers for both of us!!!

It has been over eight years since we have seen our son Ben and his family, who lives in Grose Vale, NSW Australia, so we are REALLY EXCITED to be able to see them!!! A family in the church Ben and Stephanie and family go to has a granny flat in Glossodia, NSW we can use while there for which we are grateful!! We also heard this past week that friends are able to loan us their car from time to time which was great news!!!

With soooo many health issues the past seven years, plus both of us being really tired, it looks like we will not be able to be constantly on the road to visit everyone. Maybe some will be able to visit us. Our friends, Howard and Dina, want to host a get-together like they did eight years ago which is GREAT!!! We can let folk know about that after we get to Australia and work out a time!

We are thrilled to continue to hear news of Bible translations being worked on and completed!!!

All Because of our Savior Jesus Christ,

Charlie & Cherrie

Quick update March 3rd:

We saw Cherrie’s local heart doctor’s PA this morning, which went really well, and we both had appointments with our local General Practitioner this afternoon. All went well with our GP explaining everything so clearly!!!!! We both have bronchitis – the antibiotics we are on are helping 🙂 Charlie’s cough has improved a fair bit, and Cherrie’s cough slowly. We were given more medications, and expect to continue to see improvement day by day!! Our GP is there for anything we need and as usual, we enjoy talking with him as he loves the Lord!!! We appreciate your PRAYERS for continued healing and good night’s sleeps!!! The Lord continues to keep the door open for us to leave on March 16th to fly to Australia!!! Sooooo we keep getting organized and rejoicing at all our Father continues to do for us being able to make this trip. WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE EACH OF YOU!! GOD BLESS EACH ONE OF YOU!!!!!!!

Your Forever Friends,

Charlie & Cherrie