Dear Special Friends,

We thank the Lord for another year to walk with Him!!! Without Him we would surely fail, like a ship without its sails!!!

We thank you soooo much for each of you and the various ways you are an encouraging part of our lives through your faithful prayers, notes, and financial support. Though we are retired we still need you as our partners together with the Lord!!! We will always be involved in the lives our Lord brings our way!

We are sorry this is getting to you later than usual, but life for us has gone crazy all of a sudden. We have been trying to work on being able to fly to Australia from mid-March to mid-May of this year. We had tickets before Covid hit and stopped us from going. It has been over eight years since we have seen our son Ben and his family. Australia is open for us to go and now the travel agency is saying we will have to pay $8000.00 minus the $2400.00 we have already paid!!!! So we decided to fly out to Manhattan Kansas and see our son Ray and his family and also see our third great-granddaughter, whom we have not seen yet, who will be two in February!! The group we originally booked with to Australia said it will take all the $2400.00 and cost $200 more for taxes and fees!! They refuse to refund the money, but at least we will see all Ray and Janelle’s family which is GREAT!!!!

At present Charlie is searching for tickets to Australia for mid-March to mid May of this year with other agencies which appear to be reasonable!!!! It will cut into the money folk have given us in the past towards expenses while in Australia, BUT GOD IS FAITHFUL!!! We appreciate your continued PRAYERS

Charlie had an appointment with a specialist recently who did a test to look down his throat. Thankfully, there were no tumors. The doctor believes the problem is from the inherited tremors his mother and grandmother had. Charlie has had tremors for years and has been on medication for them for his hands, and now has them in his throat – voice. Charlie has an appointment in June to see a voice doctor for further advice. Both Cherrie’s heart specialist and her rheumatologist have taken her off medications and she trusts in time being off the two meds will be a big help for her foggy mind and dizziness and she will be able to drive again!!! Recently we both felt fluey, and to be safe for others we kept home! Doing better now thankfully!! Again, we certainly appreciate your continued PRAYERS!!!

We continue to be encouraged as we hear of more people around the world trusting the Lord as their Savior and having a desire to reach out to others!!

May our Father be your constant encouragement as you walk with Him in this NEW YEAR2022!!! ALL BECAUSE OF JESUS CHRIST- YESTERDAY – TODAY and FOREVER!!!



Charlie & Cherrie