Faithful Servants and Friends

Years ago, we were asked to send some teachers to help a group in a Province in which we had never taught before. We were on home assignment, so had to organize it from America. I chose one man with whom I had done team-teaching before. His name was Enoch and one of the best teachers I have ever taught alongside. He asked 3 other men to make a team of 4 to go to an unknown place to unknown people for them.

That was years before, but God is currently using all 4 of these men and their wives. Enoch is an itinerant teacher and church leader, who has taught scores of people to faithfully follow the Lord and His Word. The other 3 men went on to strengthen their local churches and eventually were sent to be missionaries in other areas in Papua New Guinea.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hane

Earlier this year, one of that team, Robert, and his family left the church they had helped plant and nurture to maturity. His disciples were asked to go and start a new outreach several days walk from them and they asked Robert and his wife to accompany them. It was rough hiking in their flip flops, but they were happy to suffer a little bit to make the Gospel known to those isolated people. Their efforts were not in vain. God brought many to Christ, and a new church was born.

It thrills our hearts to see God’s faithfulness at work in these people. Praising God for His continued work in Papua New Guinea.

Jim and Kathy Tanner