Jus in 2009

The 15-year-old boy pictured below, named Jus (sounds like juice), is the son of Kifeson, a man who has demonstrated a passion to assist me with Bible translation since the time he and his wife first trusted in Jesus in 2009.

Jus is Kifeson’s first-born son. Before Kifeson gave his life to Christ, he planned to train his son to become a spirit-worshiping witch doctor in the same way his father trained him—their normal practice was to teach their boys to prove their manhood by killing certain women and children who the villagers assume are possessed by evil spirits that cause sickness and death. Instead of teaching Jus how to follow ancestral customs, Kifeson has been teaching Jus the stories he has been helping to translate from God’s Word. As Jus has grown in his faith in Jesus, he has started helping his father read Scripture passages for an evangelistic outreach in a neighboring village.

Here he is as a student in the Hewa Christian School in 2021.

Now that the Hewa Christian School has been operating in the Hewa village, Jus has become an avid student, aspiring to be the first in his family to get an education. He is part of the group of third-grade boys who dream of one day becoming medical workers or teachers so they can help their village grow and thrive and become a strong light for Jesus in the mountains around them.

This week we plan to fly back to Hewa to spend some time with Jus’ family and the rest of the believers. Please pray the Lord continues to give us wisdom and good opportunities to help the Hewa grow in their love for their Lord and for each other.

And may we all be especially encouraged this season by the name Immanuel—God is with us. This changes everything!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna

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