To those we love and see each day And other loved ones far away. To all good friends who mean so much and those with whom we’re out of touch–

May ALL our hearts be filled with PRAISE and ADORATION

As we celebrate our Savior’s birth!!!!

As we reflect back on Thanksgiving Day, we are THANKFUL for EACH OF YOU!!!!

As we reflect back over 2021, the year has flown by!!! Covid has changed SOOOO MUCH, BUT GOD HAS NOT CHANGED!!!! – What COMFORT that is!!!

Our hearts are sooooo encouraged as we hear more news of unreached people groups around the world now having God’s Word in their hands and many who have put their faith in Jesus Christ!!!!

Both of us are enjoying a bit better health – not perfect, but that is expected being 76 and 77 🙂 Charlie has a cough that won’t go away. He is following through with that this Wednesday with a specialist. Cherrie is trying to work with her doctors to regulate her meds as she is sooooo tired and dizzy at times. She is unable to drive for the time being! We both would appreciate your PRAYERS!!!!

It appears that the doors to Australia are opening, though it seems to be changing all the time, and we may be able to go there in mid-March, and stay for about two months!!!! NOT for sure, but a good possibility!!!! It has been about eight years since we have seen our son Ben and his family there!!!! We sure would appreciate your PRAYERS that this will work out with all the details involved!!!! We know our FATHER is in control!!

You are all in our hearts and Prayers!!!! May GOD Bless each of you in 2022!!! May HE daily guide your lives and meet your heart needs Moment by Moment!!!!

With our Love,

Charlie & Cherrie