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From the Desk of the President
November 14, 2021


First, some FAMILY news: Abby (our oldest) joined high school sports this year! She participated as a freshman in Flagstaff High School’s swim team (three pictures above). Despite her ongoing chronic pain issues, she persevered and performed every heat she was assigned and was surprised to discover that the backstroke might be her best event! Abby turned 15 in October, and I took her out for a daddy-daughter date (pictured below). It had a “Beauty and the Beast” effect! ☺

Now, for STUDENTS: Our six freshman students (pictured left) are doing really well! They are all teachable and show great potential for ministry. Please pray for them. They are:

(clockwise from top left): Philemon (Navajo), Josiah (Navajo), Jaime (White Mountain Apache), Johannah (Navajo), Cenovia  (Navajo), and Sarah (Mescalero Apache).

Our five prospective bachelor graduates are pictured below. They are all serving as leaders and are feeling the grind as they finish up their classes—please pray for them.

They are (clockwise from top left): Brina (Navajo), Logan (Blackfoot), Sheldon (Zuni/Mexican/Navajo), William (Nez Perce), Fishii (Spokane).

Kickoff Kampout Picture


This coming week is IBC’s Fall Conference. We also have several prospective students coming to visit the campus for Preview Days. Would you pray for these prospective students? It is harder than ever to recruit students, and we really want to fill our expanded campus to train more leaders for Native ministry.


This staff picture was taken in June; four of those pictured are no longer serving regularly with IBC. Praise God that we have two new staff and two more staff prospects. Please pray for the Lord to provide an Academic Dean, Learning Resource Director, and Registrar.

If you’d like to hear a recent update on IBC and a message on our approach to transformational discipleship, you can view a message on that subject (given last summer) here:

Also, the Fall Newsletter will be out in a few weeks!

Thank you for praying for the Indian Bible College’s endeavors to raise up healthy Native leaders to lead healthy Native churches so that someday they can send healthy Native missionaries around the world!