The Journey Continues

I’m reminded of the song THAT GOES:

Great is thy FAITHFULNESS,
O God my father,
There is no shadow of turning with THEE
Thou changest not,
They fail not,
As thou HAST been,
Thou forever WILT be.

Hebrews 10:23 said, “Let us hold tightly WITHOUT wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.” I am a testimony of God’s faithfulness.

My DTS Journey continues…

In my last issue, I shared some of the lecture phases of the journey. It’s time for outreach, where we get a chance to practice the principles we learnt in the classroom and ministry preparation such as evangelism strategy and drama.

Off we went to Westmoreland and St. Mary in Jamaica, armed with tools and excited. We built relationships, did school ministries, shared at churches, and conducted street meetings. After that local outreach, we were given a mid-term or Easter break. I went home to be with my family. My church was having a conference to which I went. Whilst there, I fell ill and went home. My condition grew worse, and I was eventually admitted to the hospital. I don’t recall how long I stayed there. After being discharged, I reunited with the school and community.
I was elated to be going on international outreach to Haiti, on a private plane. Just us!

Life In Haiti
We were introduced to the YWAM St. Marc Base and staff orientation and given a tour of the base and the city. We were assigned different duties, and mine involved assisting with homeschooling the children of the then YWAM Base Director. Additional Ministries included house-to-house Evangelism and Bible Distribution. I still remember being on that outreach, going door to door, and being made aware of the dress code. For example, Jeans were not allowed, because in that culture, only prostitutes could afford to buy jeans. We found this strange. I became ill again, which sadly ended my outreach, as I had to return to Jamaica for treatment. A member of my DTS staff accompanied me, and I was greeted by my church family. They were waiting for me at my home. OH, such love!

I was admitted to hospital the day after my return home. I pause to say, “But God. By sheer grace, I am alive today. I love You, Lord, You are my Healer.” I spent quite a while in the hospital, missed graduation, and so didn’t receive a certificate.

Remember in the previous newsletter when I spoke about not wanting to be in missions? Well, even though I had resigned my job and did DTS, my intention was to use a grace period that had made provisions for me to Re-apply for my job after six months had elapsed. I knew someone who did it, so I was planning on doing the same thing, as school was only for five months. That didn’t materialize, because I was hospitalized, didn’t complete school and had to wait until the following year to complete with the next school. My grace period to work was up in the air.

After completing DTS the following year, I did reapply for my job. As you might have guessed, I never received a response and didn’t pursue it.

I’ll tell you more the next issue.

Life on the Field
DIG-in still continues and we are presently looking at the book of St. Matthew.


I am loving it. I am presently doing a journey called ‘Rebirth’. To put it mildly, it’s a heart, soul, and spirit surgery. It entails cleansing blueprint, junk DNA, deliverance, and restoration. I’m also learning to pray more effectively using Tabernacle Prayer Outline, setting a schedule to include daily affirmations, ONE-ON-ONE with Holy Spirit, exercise, family time, me-time, word time, and bring actively engaged in prayer watches (each watch is three hours). On the watch, we learn how to do self-deliverance, and how to go on the prayer wall and tower to observe, see and get direction from Holy Spirit as He is the one who prays through us. We also learnt how to cleanse properly, using the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth; how to close and hand over a watch; and to break soul ties. It is comprehensive and intense but liberating, and the principle is to delight oneself in the Lord.

THERE are three Journeys: Journey One graduation is on June 30 and Journey Two starts in July.

Online Sunday School and Christian Life Fellowship (CLF) Mission Month
Because of the curfew measures in Jamaica, as well as gathering restrictions, my church commenced online Sunday School. It was different from the face-to-face gatherings, and fewer children attended. As Holy Spirit teaches each Sunday morning, the lesson ‘comes alive’ to me. We are currently studying the book of Genesis.

Christian Life Fellowship had Missions Month in May and, of course, the children were not left out. I and a staff member from YWAM STONES HOPE, Manchester, were given the task of sharing about missions with the children in the 10 to 12 age group. This was done virtually and I enjoyed the time, as we also invited missionary children to share their stories from the U.S.A. and the Gambia.

Community Evangelism
Community Evangelism still continues, as we engage intentionally.

I continue to teach.

Deaf DTS
All the students graduated. They experienced Covid challenges during outreach.

This is steady and gaining momentum. I am so honoured to hear the maturity of the teens. Each person is given a chance to teach – all part of the equipping. I look forward to each week, to engage with the Word through the teachings, applications, and prayer. YWAM Value number six says: “Champion Young People,” which I will continue to do.

A Place to conduct a Mock Wedding
I pause to say, “Thank You, Lord, that you gave us Youth With A Mission Jamaica, where we can be a place to serve in all spheres.” With that being said, it was a pleasure for us at Youth with a Mission Montego Bay to allow one of our past Access and NIKO Campers and her project group to use the facility to do their final exams in the form of a mock wedding. These are students from the Community College. It was a pleasure hosting them, giving guidance here and there, and having fun with them.
Family Business

One of my Nieces was experiencing some emotional downtime and needed a safe space. Needless to say, ‘Aunty’ was that place. She spent over two weeks with me. It was a time of giving a listening ear, playing games, having devotion and hanging out. In the midst of her stay, tragedy struck. On Saturday, June 19, whilst praying during the night, I received a disturbing call from my sister. My niece Kayanna Nicola Williams was involved in an accident and they were at the hospital. Kayanna is the sister of the one who was staying with me. We were shocked. We prayed, cried, and called for Prayer support that same night. She is out of ICU and is presently on the hospital ward. As a family we are rejoicing as Kayanna is making progress, she is more alert, moving her foot, and is also sitting up with assistance. We are thanking God for a miracle. We continue to believe the report of the Lord. Her father (who is my brother) has not been taking it well. He says that he cries each time that he enters her room at home and sees her picture. Regarding the rest of the family, I can only say that it’s a long stretch and that we are holding on to the one who can.

Praise Report
I am rocking the scripture that says, “In everything give thanks.” Thank you, Holy Spirit. I want to pause to say ‘thank you’ to all a ooonuh, or all of you who pray, give and encourage. Thank you for the many who are praying for Kayanna’s recovery. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for meeting the needs. My sister needed a house close to the hospital, it was provided; needed blood for Kayanna’s surgery, persons were there, ready to donate; needed flowtron stocking provided; disposable diapers provided; medication provided; prayer support overwhelming. Praise the Lord! I give Him thanks. As a ministry, not one – but two – containers are being packed from Pennsylvania as a blessing to YWAM Jamaica. Five hundred solar panels were donated to us. Help me say “Thank You, Lord!”
Prayer Requests
Kayanna’s full recovery
More persons on my Missionary Support Team (MST)
How can I pray for you?
All YWAM staff is responsible to raise their own support through financial gifts from friends, family and churches. Will you prayerfully consider joining my support team for the next two years by giving a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or one-time donation?
May God bless and keep you and your family that you may prosper in all your endeavours.


Work-day at the YWAM Mobay, always good to get a helping hand. Thank you NIKO Crew.
NIKO Jamaica Staff Training Weekend