Dear Special Ones,

October sure flew by!!!!

In my reading I was reading “We give thanks to God always for all of you, making mention of you in our prayers.”

Thanking HIM for daily Strength and Encouragements which come from you by your Love and Prayers and Care for us!!

Recently, Charlie had an abdominal ultrasound done to recheck an aortic aneurism he has had for a long time. Wednesday, we both had routine check-ups with our local doctor and he said all is fine with no problem with the aneurism which of course was GREAT news!!! Charlie has been on an antibiotic for a UTI. He had a fever up and down, like a yoyo, which is finally gone, though tiredness continues!! Charlie also has a bad cough which may have something to do with his epiglottis and will be looked into!!

Recently I had my third and last follow-up appointment regarding my knee replacement and was told all is fine which was Encouraging!! Our local doctor also felt I am doing pretty good!!! Yes, I have been feeling pretty good lately, except for bouts of tiredness and my mind being cloudy or foggy. At the present time, Charlie does not want me driving. I understand, and had our doctor look over all the medications I am on as I was thinking one of the meds could be the culprit!! He talked about each medication, and my age and all I have gone through the last seven years, which of course has been a lot!!!

Over the next few weeks, I have a few Doctor appointments, so I will question them about meds they have me on!! This getting older is not easy!!! A long time ago, a friend said “In acceptance lies Peace.” I know that is true and I appreciate your Prayers knowing soooo many of you understand!!!!! Yes, we BOTH appreciate your daily PRAYERS as we walk with the Lord, that we will know what HE WANTS US TO DO, NOT WHAT WE WANT TO DO!!!!

We are not certain, but it looks like the door may open next year for us to go to Australia, possibly in March and April, to see family we have not seen for about 8 years!!! Covid has changed sooo much!!! Of course, the news we hear could very well change, so we leave the timing and sorting out of all the details with our FATHER!!

I plan on combining our next Update for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Keep well our friends and may our FATHER Encourage you as you are an Encouragement to us!!


Charlie and Cherrie