“Even though I’m not actively coaching at IBC this semester, I’ve found the principles and techniques I learned through coaching at IBC to be helpful in raising my teenage son,” shared one of the coaches. “How cool is that!,” I thought. I oversee the coaching program at IBC. We have five active coaches and two on standby this semester. All freshmen students (2 men and 4 women) are involved. It was exciting to hear how God is using the resources we’ve created for coaching to make us more effective in working with people even outside of the coaching program. This information was shared at a meeting we had on Monday with Scott Tafoya.

It’s pretty unusual to find a Pueblo believer, but to find a Pueblo believer who is a Christian leader is even more so. Scott, pictured to the right, grew up in the Santa Clara Pueblo north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has been assisting me in developing our IBC Life Coaching program. On Monday of this week, he sat down in person with the coaches to discuss how things are going. Scott founded Truth Dancer Coaching and works primarily with Native Americans. It was encouraging to have him talk with us in person. He assisted me by Zoom in the orientation process in August, so most coaches hadn’t met him yet.

It has been exciting to hear of coaches taking their Person Being Coached (PBC) with them to ministries at their churches. One coach has taken his student to work with him and poured into his life while working construction. And the students are blossoming under the caring attention.

I have had the privilege of working with one of the freshmen women this semester in addition to overseeing the other coaches. It has been a highlight of the week for me to spend time with her. She shares openly and allows me to speak into her life by asking pertinent questions. She knows what to do to remedy issues and problems within the five areas we cover (time management, work, finance, academics, and ministry), but it helps to have someone come alongside and point her in the right direction.

Please pray with me for wisdom for the coaches and for me as I strive to encourage, motivate, assist, and provide resources and accountability to help make these servants of Christ and of the students at IBC successful.


Martha Gushee