Dear Friends and Family,

Luckie: My family had some time off in July to vacation in Nevada and visit our friends, Richard Smith and his family (pictured above). At home, we were able to work on many home projects. I worked with work teams this summer making their time on campus efficient while keeping up on my Business Office responsibilities.

IBC had a total of 8 teams with 8 to 42 people per team. In my role as Business Administrator, I am seeing how God continues to amaze us with the generosity of His people towards IBC – even through this pandemic. Everyone worked hard to deep clean, paint, do yard work,  plumbing, masonry, carpentry, and more. There were many really cool people who took time to help complete lots of projects before we kicked off the 2021-22 school year in mid-August.

Along with my main role as Business Administrator, I am taking one IBC class, Old Testament History and Literature, going through the IBC Spiritual Formation process as a student, and helping coach a new Life Coach assisting a male freshmen student. I am still coordinating work teams and overseeing student facilities and vehicle maintenance.

Praises from our last letter: Much spiritual growth continues in our SOMA Cell Church family. Our children had a wonderful school year being in person all year long with minimal impact from the COVID-19 illness. All of Madison’s tuition and about 20% of Camron’s was covered by scholarships and the AZ tax credit program. Flagstaff Christian School began Aug. 4th for our kids and is going well. The Site Team visit last fall was encouragingly positive and in the spring, IBC received initial Accreditation!! IBC student, Aaron Betselie, whom Luckie life coached last school year, had a great first year and has begun his second year.

The Journey to our New Home: It began in March 2020 when Luckie’s mom, Darlene, decided to move to Flagstaff to be closer to family. Over the course of six months, we helped her pack and move, and along the way, our conversations led to purchasing a new home together. So we also began packing up our 700 sq. ft. home of ten years to have ready to sell. After much prayer and trusting the Lord, He provided two houses on one property!

Dedication prayer with our SOMA church family

On Sep 27th our SOMA Church family helped us move. Now we have been able to host large and small groups for our church body meetings and have the space to have everyone inside in all types of weather, unlike before when we could host mostly in our backyard and only during good weather. We have greatly enjoyed being able to invite people over for meals and sitting down together at a kitchen table . . . This is a new special part of our lives that we’ve missed out on for many years. We have enjoyed the property, the extra space, more time outside, gorgeous sunsets and stunning night skies.

Lanora: I am thankful for the Holy Spirit! What a year this has been. Many family members and friends have recovered, or are still recovering from COVID. God in His goodness has ministered to me in the highs and lows. I battled fear, despair, dark depression, and uncertainty – thank the Lord, He won my battles and was with me every step of the way! He truly has been my Rescuer.

The enemy has been fiercely relentless in his schemes against God’s most precious creation: humanity. Our minds and hearts are constantly being attacked. God’s children are on the front lines of spiritual warfare. Ephesians 6 is clear that the real enemy is Satan. It is not the people he influences for his evil plans. As believers, taking our stand against the enemy is possible, and is a great responsibility. May God equip us for the battles ahead with the help of the Holy Spirit to stand strong in our faith in Christ and pray for the people around us! I am truly looking forward to the next season ahead and am grateful for the refreshment of body and spirit from the summertime – God deserves all the credit for that.

The IBC Lunch Program is off to a great start. I am working with two students to thank supporters.

Our time off last summer was quarantining at home while Luckie recovered from COVID. This year our family vacation was fun, adventurous and restful and just what our family needed.


  • We are happy to go to school in person with friends and we like our new teachers.
  • We are having tons of fun on our first trampoline!!
  • Our puppies, Joy and Mason, are growing too fast.

Camron: It’s cool that I get to ride my bike to my friend’s house, spend a lot of time with family & friends. I also just joined the SOMA Cell Church youth group and started playing soccer with my school.
Madison: I like playing with my new neighbor friend, who is 6 like me, & I’m excited that I lost my first tooth! Also, my class pets are two hermit crabs named Hermie & Kermie.

Prayer Requests:

  • Physical healing, strength & perseverance for Luckie & Lanora
  • Our parenting in raising our children, who are now 13 & 6
  • God’s direction & wisdom during the IBC school year, especially for staff and students in their leadership & growth and for IBC staff transitions & staffing needs (Director of Institutional Research, Learning Resource Director, Academic Dean, Maintenance Supervisor and Volunteer Coordinator)
  • Raising Financial Support

Important News:
After 2 years our financial support level is at 27%. Would you prayerfully consider supporting us as we serve fellow Natives who are receiving biblical education & discipleship? We have decided to update you more regularly through email instead of Mail Chimp, which Has not proven to be feasible for us to keep in touch with you. Let us know if you want to receive our monthly email updates.
We pray for you. Send us your prayer requests. Thank you for your support!
Grateful to serve,
Luckie & Lanora Bigman