Greetings all,

First of all, we want to thank each of you for your prayers this past month in the loss of Tina’s dad and mom due to Covid. This has been really hard for the two girls but God’s grace has been sufficient and He has been helping them through this. We thank the Lord that He provided for us to go down to Florida for the funeral and are so glad we could be there to support the kids during this time. Since the funeral, they have been fixing up and painting the house, and also sorting through things with hopes of having some type of an estate sale in the near future. We will appreciate your continued prayers for them as the Lord brings them to your mind.

Besides going down to Florida this past month, I also made a trip to South Carolina to represent one of our Wana churches at a missions conference in Greenville. This church has felt led of the Lord to partner with one of our Wana churches in a joint effort in a cross-cultural outreach to the “Da’a Language Group,” which the Wana Church is involved in. It was a blessing for me to be able to represent our Wana church and to work out the details of this partnering relationship which will be through prayer and support matching.

We have actually been working on this with the Wana pastors for the past number of months, taking things very slowly as to avoid any misunderstandings. It is super exciting for us to see how God is working and using the Wana people in outreach and how He has raised up yet another Wana family to help with the teaching needs in Da’a. At present, there are 6 different groups being taught in this Da’a village, all in different stages of the teaching. The team has been overwhelmed with all the demands placed upon them so is very excited to have this new family join the team.

Mr. & Mrs. Sofyan & Riana Monga – the new addition to the Da’a Team!

Sofyan and Riana Monga graduated from our Missions Training Center a few years ago. Since then they have been involved with their local Wana church and waiting on the Lord to show them where they should serve. During this time in their local church they have also been attending our discipleship training for cross-cultural outreach, so the church and we are confident they are ready for this next chapter in their lives. Isn’t it exciting to see the Lord use this second generation to expand the reach of the gospel in this region!! Below are photos of the team. Thanks for being a part through your prayers.

Mr. & Mrs. Doni & Ermia Pora (part of the original team)
Ms. Rofina To’a (part of the original team)
Ms. Chine Dolo (part of the original team)

God Bless,

Ed & Jeanne