Brain Fog the New Norm

We have been back in America for just over one month now. Through the years, we have experienced jetlag many times, but this trip back, our “Transition Time” has been like jetlag for a whole month so far.

We heard from another missionary family that their transition took two months. Please pray for us. We have some big decisions to make about where we should be located and what we should be doing. We would like to continue serving the Lord and do translation projects for the church of Papua New Guinea.

Many have asked about our retirement plans. Ethnos360 has a mandatory retirement policy when we turn 75. That will be January for us, but anyone who wants to keep supporting us may do so via Ethnos360 as normal and funds will reach us.

Some will choose to stop supporting us and some to continue. May the Lord give wisdom to each of you.

Our email addresses will remain the same: and

You could also pray for us to know if we should sell our house in Michigan and buy or rent something else in another state. If this update seems a bit muddled, please excuse our ‘brain fog.’

If you have any questions, please contact us.

You’ve been great partners in the Gospel. We praise God for you.

Much love,

Jim & Kathy Tanner