Dear Team Members,

It is hard to believe that Autumn is upon us after a difficult Summer for soooo many!!! Many friends have or have had Covid or other health issues with some even Graduating to Heaven to be with their Savior Who they dearly loved and are dearly loved and missed by sooo many!!!

HARD MONTHS – July and August saw Charlie and Cherrie at the Emergency Room 5 times: Cherrie twice for severe neck pain, and both of us at different times for Covid, even though we had both been vaccinated in February, Then, again for Cherrie, who fell in the bathroom hitting her head and sooo thankful for no broken bones!!!! Her heart rate had been between 130-140 for twenty-four hours, so they did lots and lots of tests, but all was okay and after two hours in the ER her heart settled down for which we are thankful!! It is thought that Covid brings with it lots of side effects!! Now we are on the road to recovery, mainly having waves of exhaustion, which is diminishing. It was only the second time in our fifty-eight years of being married that we were both sick at the same time!! How BLEST we are for the expressions of Love, and Prayers shared with us during this journey!! God Bless you all sooooo much!!

Then of course Covid, and Hurricane Ida left its devastation and heartaches, as well as Afghanistan!! Our hearts ache for these disasters and we trust our FATHER for BETTER DAYS ahead for all affected!!!

Our hearts are FULL OF JOY as we continue to hear of more people putting their FAITH in JESUS CHRIST AS THEIR SAVIOR!! We look forward to the BEST DAYS ahead of us in heaven with our ONLY HOPE – OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!

Charlie & Cherrie