New Native American students at IBC in Flagstaff, AZ!

Dear friends,

Remember this spring and early summer when Arizona was so dry that one spark would have set the whole state ablaze? Remember when there were over 60 wildfires burning in the state? You prayed with me for rain. Well, God sent rain- 5.66” in July and 3.5” in August, at the Pulliam airport on the west side of town.

Different areas received varying amounts, but it is obvious from the flora and fauna that we have indeed seen a lot of rain! One day we received what must have been several inches in a matter of minutes, resulting in major flash flooding on all sides of Indian Bible College, but, thank God, the school was unaffected.

I asked you to pray for our staff retreat. It was a good time of playing lots of games, having various meetings, planning for the new semester, and praying together. God blessed us with a sense of unity. Our unity is especially important at this time because we were saddened by the departure of two staff members over the summer. Now you can pray with us concerning the immediate need for a Learning Resource Director and Director of Institutional Research. Pray too for Jason as he once again shoulders the responsibility of academic dean, in addition to his presidential duties.

You prayed with us for new students. God answered. We were asking for 10-15 new students, and He sent 7. Unfortunately, one has already chosen to leave. The other 6 are happily engaged in their first week of classes.

In addition to adjusting to being back at 7,000 feet after being at sea level all summer, not to mention the difference in climate, I celebrated a significant birthday since returning home. I am now officially a “senior” for all purposes. Yep. I turned 65 and now get to negotiate Medicare and other exciting things like that. I also needed to find a new chiropractor, which has been somewhat traumatic.

I have a light teaching load this semester so that I can concentrate on overseeing the Life Coaching program, following up on alumni, directing the Christian Service Department, and starting a little museum. I have one guitar student and three piano students in addition to teaching a one-on-one English class.

My backyard after all the rain!

Thank you so much for standing with us and beside us in prayer. Please keep praying for God’s protection over our little campus, and that we would have great impact for the glory of Christ. Pray we would all be passionate and focused.
Martha Gushee