John 8:36 “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”. (NIV)


Pre-field Orientation (PFO) was held in Florida for the new Ethnos360 Associate Members. It was a rich and meaningful time covering a 10  day period last month. Such a blessing to meet and visit with these individuals who have joined the Ethnos360 team! The group photo is of the 17 new Associates Members and Connection Center Staff.

Diann and I flew to Sanford a few days in advance to help out with the preparation. During the prep time, there was the collating of notebooks, preparing lanyards & name tags plus a number of other things that needed to be accomplished before the Monday start date. The sessions thru the 10 day period, just to list a few, were “Core Values of Ethnos360”, “Conflict=Opportunity”, “Biblical Basis of Support Ministry”, “Safety Training”, “Stress Management”, plus many more.

Our time together finished with an evening fellowship and then a time of sharing in communion. A memorable evening!

I mentioned in our previous update that the new members will be serving in the USA, the Asia Pacific Region, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, the Philippines, and Brazil. One Associate Member of Ethnos360, who has been serving as a teacher at the MK school in Papua New Guinea, recently wrote, “I have loved where God brought me. He answered my prayers better than I could have imagined. I am able to teach middle schoolers and high schoolers but also help support the spread of His Good News by teaching the children of fellow missionaries.”  Encouraging! Thank you for your prayers for PFO! Please continue to pray for these folks as they prepare to go to their places of ministry.

We wish you all the best in the Lord! Thank you for your faithful partnership through the many years in reaching least-reached people groups with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Together with you for Him,

Dave and Diann
Ethnos360 Connection Center