Over 50 years on the mission field!

Joy and Tears–Painful Farewells

Elimbari farewell

We were wondering if the container with 12/000 books (3 titles) and 4,000 sets of illustrations (in two sizes) would arrive before we departed, and God allowed them to get here in time.

The picture sets were not collated, so several people helped do that huge job. Thanking the Lord for each one.

We have had 3 official farewells so far and will possibly have two more before we go.

Our last teachers-training class

In between those events Jim has spoken at each one and had 4-day teachers-training courses with about 60 folks attending.

One Saturday we visited the people group we lived among for 25 years and they also farewelled us, asked for a last sermon, had a huge meal for everyone who attended, and gave us gifts to remember them by. It was very sorrowful knowing we may never see these people again until we meet in heaven. Lots of tears were shed. Pray for our last days here. Every now and then we have a melt-down and just break down crying. We have been here nearly 52 years and it is difficult to think about leaving.

Tonight our dear fellow staff members are having a special meal for us.

We appreciate your prayers for this next week and for a safe trip back to America. We will leave PNG, layover in Qatar, and then on to Chicago and Flint, Michigan.

The first leg of our trip back. This is Jackson Airport in Port Moresby. We had two carts full and had to be tested for Covid before we could enter the terminal. Somehow we ended up the last ones to get our results, but are happy to report we had negative results.

We have been humbled by all the farewells from different groups (you make a lot of friends in nearly 52).

Kathy had been sick for several days before we started, but we made it safely to Singapore. In the next few days we will fly to Doha in Qatar, Chicago and Flint, MI. I reckon we’ll be tuckered out by then.

With all the Covid restrictions, you have to stay in transit lounges. They say it will be 40 hours if all goes well.

Hoping it won’t take long to get over jetlag.

Pray that God will reveal His will for us in the future.

Had a great meeting Sunday night with a group of believers in a settlement named Badili. They were listened intently and were full of thanksgiving for our ministry to them through the years. It still amazes us how God touches live through us.


Jim & Kathy Tanner