Dear family and friends,

A lot has been happening of late and I will attempt to share some of those experiences with you in this newsletter.

We have a new staff member at The Homes of Ethnos360. I have attached a photo of Brian and Lili Poulsen and their 3 children. Their arrival could not have been at a better time. Due to the need in our housekeeping department, Brian is now working full time on our team. This is an answer to my prayers as well as yours. I spent 2 full weeks training Brian in all the misc. tasks that I do within the Latham Center. He has a wealth of experience, plenty of energy, and notices the little things that need to be cleaned, fixed, or put away. I hope you can read the excitement and thankfulness that I feel! Brian, Lili, and their kids live in the other half of our duplex. This means that I have gotten to know them as a family as well as co-workers. Brian and Lili are eventually headed to Papua New Guinea. They will be serving here until the end of this year, or as long as the Lord has determined in His perfect plan for their lives.

On July 27th I had a mishap with a VERY heavy exterior door in our Latham Center. The index finger on my left hand was injured. After receiving first aid from our nursing staff, Brad took me to Centra Care just a few miles down the road. Because I could not get in to see an orthopedic specialist later in the day, Brad took me to the emergency room, so I could get the care I needed. After examination by an ER Doctor, antibiotics by IV, bandaging the wound, and a prescription for oral antibiotics, I was sent home. I was instructed to see an orthopedic hand specialist in 1 to 2 days. That was Tuesday evening. The next morning, I started the process to get a Workman’s Compensation claims adjuster to make an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor. I finally saw a doctor on Friday afternoon. Then I saw a hand specialist on Tuesday, one full week after the injury. He had a good report. There was no bone fracture as originally thought and no infection. I have some serous arthritis issues in my hands and have already been on medication. My hand is healing. I have a follow-up appointment with the hand specialist on the 17th of this month. I may need some physical therapy in the future to get back full use of my index finger. Even so, I am so very thankful that the injury was not worse and thankful for the healing that the Lord has given to this point.

Brad’s parents are needing more help these days. Brad and I will be traveling up to Maryland a day or two after my doctor’s appointment. We plan to be there for several weeks. Brad is in the process of getting things arranged here so that he can do as much of his job as possible while not physically in his office. I cannot clean or supervise the housekeeping team while I am in Maryland. I am preparing the team as much as I can in the time leading up to our time away. Brian is a big part of that. Even though I have not been doing any actual cleaning since my injury, I am now able to attend to several other job responsibilities. There is always something to do inside of the Latham Center that our retired missionaries call home.

Please pray for complete healing of my left hand. Pray that the Workman’s Comp paperwork can be completed as it arrives in our mailbox. Pray as we each make plans to have our jobs covered while we are away. Pray that we can be a blessing to Brad’s parents. Pray that we will be able to connect with churches and friends in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. Pray for the health of our staff and retirees. We do have COVID illnesses on our property and the number of COVID cases in Florida is high.

We so appreciate your prayers and gifts as we keep on keeping on in the jobs that God has given us here at The Homes of Ethnos360.

By His Grace,

Brad and Wanda Hull