In July, Corinne fell and hurt her hip. She was rushed to the ER, had surgery, recovered for a while in the hospital, and then was able to go home to the Ethnos360 Homes with her husband, Tom. Here’s how she is doing in her own words, followed by Tom’s words.

Dear Friends and Family,

I am now at the resort, or uhh place of retirement. We were 9 years in one of the duplexes but we just moved into the…and we are now in the building of the Homes of Ethnos360 that supplies accommodation and assistance. (Explained in a previous update as the Latham Center). We are not close to the nurses, that is, in the ALF proper, but in the assisted but independent part of the facility. Anyway, we are happy here. They are doing for us a big help in that the staff do meals and house work for us. I was so glad while in the hospital that Tom was able to have some time to do what he needed to do because he did not have to do all that.

Before we came in here (to the Latham Center) someone who knew us remarked to someone else, “They look like ones who could be in the Latham Center for more assistance.” I don’t know what they saw, but anyway, now I appreciate it since I am hindered now. I Walk very slowly. I still need to do a lot of rehab work to get strengthened in my legs, because they are still very weak. I’m not in a lot of pain, but when I move my broken leg (hip, that is) it hurts. So there is considerable pain, but anyway, we will press on.

I’m just sorry that Tom is so taken up with caring FOR ME, however, he says that’s his first concern now, and it’s always his responsibility. Jim Jora (our Hamtai translation contact in PNG) was saying the Hamtai people want the whole Old Testament now, not just the 5,500 verses they were planning on. Anyway Tom wants to give time to it every day, but all he has to do is take care of me.

I’m not sick or like throwing up or anything, but I’m just kind of enduring life right now, (then lol) and thankful that I wasn’t hurt any worse than I was and that the Lord is healing me. I thank Him for all those who are praying for me. And I’m trusting that I can gain my strength and not be such a burden to Tom. I appreciate how faithful and loving he is. But I don’t want him to have to overdo it. He did a big washing today and we both folded all the clothes and put them away. Life goes on (another lol).

They were really good to me at the hospital. It took a while for them to get permission to take me to the Rehab, right in the Central Florida Hospital that I was taken to by the ambulance. But they finally gave permission, so we just moved from one side of the building to the Rehab side (or wing). And I had rehab exercises every day, and they were really helpful.

Just pray that I will regain strength in my legs and that I’ll be able to be more industrious as for things I want to get done too, that have been waiting, besides to unpack all the things that we moved. There just wasn’t time, they had to have the building emptied for them to start working on it to get it ready for someone else. And they really do things well here. They make the place look like brand new again. They tear out the old cupboards and put in new and so they give people what kind of flooring they want, whether rug or not. So, we just thank the Lord for these facilities for the New Tribes missionaries who served for many years and now have a place to go to, to get their strength (back) and abide and retire, so we’re thankful that the Lord led them to get this ground and prepare it for us all. The staff work hard and they aren’t reimbursed. They live like the missionaries, possibly still living on a missionary salary that they had at one time.

And we are thankful that many of our givers are still faithfully giving to us every month, even though they may be in their nineties, they are still giving to us. We just thank you for their love unto the Lord and for us and for their continuing to help us to meet all the needs; we have bigger needs now that we are renting two rooms now instead of (the normal) one, so we’re paying for two rooms. So our rent is getting close to a thousand a month. But so far the Lord has helped us to write a check to make up the deficiency that we have in the income that came that month. And we are just rejoicing in the Lord for all His goodness to us.

We uhh…Pray for Tom that he’ll be able to get into other work, working on the Old Testament, and also all the correspondence and finances and so many things he attends to, and to help me to take on more of these responsibilities.

I’ll say that for now, and just keep looking to the Lord for strength. And I want to grow deeper in prayer and reading the Word. And we treasure your prayers for that, too. Thank you, and the Lord bless. In Jesus Name, Amen.


I’m lucky, no, blessed, to belong to her. She has helped me and ministered to my needs for all these 65 years; now it’s my turn. Anyway, I added a couple of clarifications in brackets. This is a literal transcription from a recording on my cell phone. I left some things in, because I know that many of you seniors understand what tricks our mind plays on us. I can probably send the audio recording of her greeting to anyone who would like it. For previous updates please see our web page.

By the way, the amount she mentioned that we pay here is just for the rooms. Food fees are another $412.

All the deciding team at the hospital met and agreed that Corinne was ready to come home on Friday the 30th as planned. They felt I’m ready to continue some therapy, thanks to their training me. By the way, being discharged from the hospital on a Friday is not practical. I say that in case someone has a similar situation. Up against the weekend, it is harder to follow up on things, both in hospital and here at home. Anyhow, we are here and enjoying the care and help we receive, as Corinne said. However, the insurance company has not yet notified us of the group they have chosen to give Corinne therapy three times weekly, and to check on me. 😊 We are so glad daughter Judy and Jim are here and granddaughter, Heather as well. They will continue to help when they can. Pray that we can help Corinne sufficiently in order to keep from having to take her to a rehab facility for inpatient therapy. Saturday she slept most of the day, free of hospital commotion and noise. Now we are into the stretches they gave us to do.

We had ideas of going to church today, as Corinne really wanted to go and thank our folk for praying for us. We were ready to go, and she had her best dress on the bed waiting, but I aborted the trip. No sense in overdoing it. We miss going there, and I will miss playing the organ, but I don’t think they will miss my playing. We can be added to the list of those who have been discouraged from going out into public places.

Our prayer tonight to our Lord was that we will humbly learn through this trial that, for one thing, our interruptions are God’s opportunities. Why are we here in this world? To learn to walk with and please our Savior, whom we confessed to be Lord to be saved. Amazing that “…if we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. Therefore, whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s. For to this end Christ died and rose and lived again, that He might be Lord of both the dead and the living.” We need to learn better how to trust in the Lord and not lean on our own understanding and plans for our lives.

Rom. 10:9; Rom. 14:8,9; Prov. 3:5,6

I must finish my talk,

Tom and Corinne Palmer