Dear Team Members,

We continue to hear Encouraging news of the Gospel being shared in difficult places, and folk putting their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior!! Then, what AWESOME NEWS to hear that they are themselves reaching out to others!!!

How we thank the Lord for the part you have in our lives!! Some for more than our 58 years of married lives – some for the 76 years of our natural lives and others in more recent years! YOU ARE ALL APPRECIATED AND AN IMPORTANT PART OF OUR LIVES, and THOSE WE HAD A PART IN TRAINING AND WHO NOW MINISTER IN AUSTRALIA AND AROUND THE WORLD!!!

Over the last 6-7 years during my cancer journey, and many other medical issues, my body has cried out in pain. Recent tests have zeroed it all down to fibromyalgia, which many of you realize is not nice!!! My rheumatologist started me on Lyrica, to help, but the side effects were horrible. On July 21st I started a new medication, Cymbalta, and we are trusting this will help with the ongoing pain, and not have bad side effects!!! WE BOTH APPRECIATE YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!

Update on Cherrie’s health: Since writing this update, Charlie took Cherrie to the ER twice with severe neck pain – spasms and nerve pain. She said it was the worse pain she has ever had. They did a cat scan which showed arthritis but they do not feel that’s what caused the pain. They gave her a number of medications which helped a little, and let her come home. Today, the pain, is almost the same, unable to move her head, or move without excruciating pain, even pain swallowing and moving her mouth to eat!. Not sure what caused this trauma, but we sure appreciate your PRAYERS!! Charlie is learning more in the kitchen!!!! Now she is a bit better. We are both ever so tired. “Charlie goes in a bit to Sams to pick up another prescription for me and I head back to bed. He is back and we will have a quiet afternoon. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!!” says Cherrie.

An update on the trip we hope to make some day to Australia to see family there: We were to fly in March of 2020, but COVID stopped that!! Our tickets are through American Airlines, and cannot be refunded or transferred to another airline :o( Sydney is again in total lockdown :o( On top of the $2,400 we have already paid, at the present time they want $5,000 more. So, we considered using some of the $2,400 to fly out to Kansas to see our son Ray and his family, but the hospitals out there are full with many having already received the vaccination!!! So that is on hold!!

Charlie has a dream of visiting Alaska. He has a cousin and family who have been involved in Christian work there for years. We contacted Gary and his family, who would love to have us come, but they have a son, who has lung problems, so that thought is also put on hold for now. Other airlines have cheaper flights, even though more than we have already paid, so if we can use the American Airline money within the USA, it looks like can get better tickets next year on other airlines. We have been able to save financial gifts, designated for flying to Australia and expenses when we are there, and know our Father is faithful to provide any extra expenses we will need :o) So, that is our updated journey, and we SURE APPRECIATE your Prayers, being part of that journey!!!

Our grandson Ashton, who is in the Australian Military, is being deployed to Darwin – up the top of Australia, sometime in August! We know he would APPRECIATE your Prayers, as he serves his country!!

Please email us your Prayer requests also, as you are soooo much a part of our lives and we APPRECIATE you all soooo much!!!

With our Love and Prayers,

Charlie & Cherrie