View from the ferry off Martha’s Vineyard

It has been a beautiful, mostly restful summer. It will soon be winding down as I head home starting Friday. Here are a few photos to sum up the summer. I have traveled to the island of Martha’s Vineyard, walked on the beach, gone kayaking three times, and tried out a paddleboard. People have blessed me enormously by sharing their homes, their food, their time. The Kowalskis (Lakeville) have put up with me in their house for six (yes, SIX!) weeks. I was able to help with another VBS and use my skills in cleaning at several places. It has been my privilege to continue sharing at various churches. I have given my presentation 26 times.

I have had the opportunity to travel for fun as well as “ministry,” visiting 6 museums so far, and hope to visit one more tomorrow. This is to help me get a handle on how to organize a small museum for IBC.


Martha’s Vineyard

Below is an updated schedule:

July 29: Visit Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis; dinner with Sallie and Cally.
July 30: Leave Mass. and arrive in Penn.
July 31: Attend Sight and Sound (Esther) in Lancaster, PA August 1: Speak/sing at Jonestown Bible Church, PA August 2: Visit JoAnn (supporter in Charlotte, NC); stay overnight in Taylors, SC
August 3: Visit Suzanne (supporter in Liberty, SC) August 4: Travel

Title page from John Eliot’s grammar of Wampanoag; Photographed at Robbins Museum, Middleboro, MA, July 24, 2021.

August 5: Visit with Sandra (Tahlequah, OK)
August 6: Travel
August 7: Home.

  • Please pray with me that God would continue to use me to be a blessing, would grant me wisdom in the last presentations and visits, and times of refreshment with Him while I travel.
  • Pray for the staff retreat August 11-14, that we would support one another and present a united front against the enemy.
  • Please also pray for IBC as we have been experiencing Satanic opposition as seen in several crises this summer. Pray for God’s choice of new students for the fall semester.

I’d also like to share with you from IBC President Dr. Jason Koppen’s update:

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the Commencement ceremony, you can find it here . If don’t have time to watch the whole thing, here are two of the “best parts:”
• 51:00 to 1:08:00 for Student Testimonies
• 1:28:30 to 2:04:00 for Bachelor Graduate Speeches
It has been a summer of great work teams: 8 teams and close to 180 volunteers are serving for a week each, and SO much work is being done on campus maintenance and
improvements. We praise the Lord for so many of God’s people who believe in His work at IBC to give a week of their summer this way!
It has been a summer of greatstaffing transition: three graduates have joined our staff…partly to replace the two graduates who left (highlighted in the Spring newsletter). Two other staff have gone through abrupt changes in their roles. We praise the Lord for our new staff; please pray with us for staff unity in these transition and growing pains.
It has been a summer of greatspiritual opposition: the enemy hates IBC’s commitment to see Native people set free in Christ Jesus and is working fiercely against our staff and students–and prospective students! Pray that the Lord would protect and preserve the staff and students and help prospective students answer His call to IBC in spite of the incredible opposition they face (Ephesians 6:12).

Thank you for your faithful prayers! We SO appreciate you being a part of the IBC team in this way!

Gratefully blessed,

Martha Gushee

Quick update: 

Just wanted to let you all know that I am safely home again, thank God. No major issues on the 7,722 miles travel. Thank you so much for making it a blessed trip and for supporting me in prayer and finances along the way. God is very good!

Feeling blessed,