55 Years Together

July 23, 1966 to July 23, 2021

We certainly have a lot to look back on from when we married at 19 years old to retirement from the field of Papua New Guinea in 2021 at 74 years old. We have certainly experienced a whole lot of God’s grace.

We will be leaving PNG on August 16th, going to Singapore, Doha, Chicago and Flint, Michigan. We will be in Michigan for a couple of weeks then on to South Carolina until the end of the year.

This was our most recent Teachers Training class held earlier this month. We have one more to teach on August 2-5. The next one is expected to be a large group. Pray for hearts to be challenged to go out and teach God’s Word.

Recently, we had the joy of having Pastor Mat Jack come for a bit of mentoring and to pick up a set of our 9 Bible Lesson books. He is eager to take them back to his home province and start studying them. Pray that he will start teaching his wife and 6 children and go on to teach many others.

We were invited to give a farewell sermon to the Elimbari church, which we saw born and nurtured in our 25 years with them. They have done an outreach and God has saved a group of people there. They also want us to be part of the new church dedication. That will be a difficult time emotionally as we say good-bye to some people, we have known for 50 years.

Pray that we will have safe flights back to America in August.

Much love,

Jim & Kathy Tanner
Papua New Guinea