Dear Team Members,

June was quite the month for us!!! We trust you have also had a good month!!

June 14th was SPECIAL as we celebrated our 58th Anniversary!!! We were with our daughter Esther and Ricky and grandchildren Desi and Majh!! They all made it SPECIAL with a 58th decorated cake and all!!!

Charlie’s father’s cousin Jeanne graduated to Heaven a while back, and on the 14th, they had a Memorial Service which we were able to watch on our computer. It was such an encouraging service honoring Jeanne who loved and served her Savior sooo faithfully. Technology can be SPECIAL at times!!

Our sister-in-law Susan Dobbins Graduated to Heaven on June 10th, after being extremely ill. So, on June 12th we traveled to Ringgold, Georgia where our daughter and her family live and we based there. The Memorial service was on Sunday night the 20th and was such a SPECIAL God honoring time. Please be Praying for Susan’s husband David, who lives in Tellico Plains Tennessee (about 1 1/2 hours from our daughter Esther’s home), as we are sure it is not easy for him. David loves the Lord for which we are thankful and for the encouraging Church he attends!! We are thankful for God’s Peace that is soooo SPECIAL!!! Our son Ray and his wife Janelle drove out from Kansas so we had SPECIAL family times!!! Many extended families were able to be there which was SPECIAL!!!

Tuesday the 22nd, we drove just over 10hrs straight back to Sanford, as I had an appointment with a rheumatologist on Wednesday, the 23rd, at 8am, and another appointment on Thursday, the 24th, with my radiologist. It poured cats and dogs 95% of the drive back home which was horrible!!! The rheumatologist is running tests to figure out what is going on as I have been feeling sooo badly! We think it may be partly due to the Anastrozole I have been on for almost 5 years for cancer treatment. Thursday night I started a new medication – Lerica – that he trusts will help. I would appreciate Prayers that it will help!! So far it makes my head feel awful, like it is in a fog, which I do not like at all!!! We are both really tired, which is understandable, and appreciate your Prayers for daily strength! You all have a SPECIAL place in our hearts!!! Thank you for being part of our lives and for your love and Prayers and care for us!! You are all Loved and Appreciated!!!!!

Though there are heartaches, we are thankful God is always with us to Encourage each of us through HIS AWESOME SPECIAL WORD which is soooo full of PROMISES, ono of which is that “HE WILL NEVER LEAVE US OR FORSAKE US.”

June 26th was Charlie’s 76th Birthday, so now we are the same age for a few months! I thank the Lord for Charlie and trust he has a SPECIAL year ahead of him and us!!!

With our Love and Prayers,

Charlie & Cherrie