The first Creation to Christ teaching was done here a couple of years ago. Some attended as skeptics but discovered the Word of God to be true and convincing as many got saved. That was a start. From there, the Word started going out to other areas and people are growing grace and knowledge.

It reminds us of what Jesus said to his disciples about making other disciples by teaching them and baptizing them, and that began a great movement, and the church of Jesus Christ was born. We are saddened to see through the history of the church that we have relegated disciple-making and teaching to only the ones who are trained and teach in more formal settings. Jesus took a very personal approach with others, showing them His love and concern for their souls even though the religious leaders mocked Him.

Jesus chose simple people of no reputation or human recognition or authority to keep making disciples. When is the last time you personally discipled another person? How many have you discipled? Are they also making disciples? I have heard people say, “That is our pastor’s job, that is why we pay him.” That has shown a great shift from each Christian taking on their responsibility to disciple others.

We love watching the people get saved and going for the long haul in Papua New Guinea. Pray for them and praise God for those who are still doing what Christ intended for them to do.

Jim & Kathy Tanner