Dear family and friends,

Brad and I were invited to a special birthday party this month. It was Mabel’s 99th birthday! Mabel was SO excited! Of course, we had cake and ice cream. Mabel is a real storyteller and shared about growing up in Michigan, going to the foreign mission field with her husband, and other interesting events in her life.

Those in attendance included family members from far and near, former co-workers from Bolivia, staff from NTM Homes and Ethnos360 Headquarters, as well as retirees from our mission community here. Brad took over 200 photos for the family. I have included 3 of them. Last week Mabel had the following words to share. “I have stacks of cards sent to me that warmed the cockles of my heart. I’m sure I will never forget this precious birthday.”

I now have help with the laundry for our Latham Center residents. Thank you for praying! Each morning of the work week, a retiree, who lives in an independent duplex, has volunteered to come, and give of their time to this ministry of service. I pick up the laundry and bring it to one of the two laundry rooms in the building. The dear ladies wash, dry, and fold sheets and fold it for our residents. I then bring it back to the rooms, make beds, and sometimes even put away the clean items if the resident is not able to do so themselves. The resident rooms are cleaned once a week. Each has a bathroom with a walk-in tiled shower, a walk-in closet and living space for bed, dresser, desk, TV, recliner, etc. We presently have 24 residents living in our Latham Center. With planned summer vacations of staff and volunteers, I have extra work to do as I supervise my staff and clean resident rooms and public areas within our Latham Center. Please continue to pray for more help in the housekeeping department.

The activation of the new accounting program that our mission has purchased has been delayed indefinitely. Critical issues with the software company need to be resolved. In the meantime, Brad is having to do twice the data entry in both the old and new systems as well as figuring out the new program. Please continue to pray for patience and wisdom for Brad as he works in the finance office here at The Homes.

We recently had a meeting in our chapel for all staff and residents. We were each given a 4-page updated Hurricane Checklist as well as Hurricane Action Steps for Homes Residents. We were strongly encouraged to “Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit NOW!!!” At our last personal care staff meeting, we went over a 3-page document listing the responsibilities for the administrator, nursing and personal care staff, maintenance personnel, and food service personnel. Hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th, with the peak occurring from August through early October when ocean waters are typically their warmest. Please pray for a safe and uneventful hurricane season.

God gives us joy, contentment, wisdom, and strength as we serve Him here at The Homes of Ethnos360 in Sanford, Florida. We appreciate you standing with us through your prayers, gifts, and interest in our ministry.

By His grace,

Brad and Wanda Hull