Dear Team Members, May 6th, 2021

We are soooo THANKFUL for your Love and Prayers!! God Bless you, Encourage you, and meet your needs also!!!

How THANKFUL we are for your PRAYERS. Our Grandson Kyan, in Australia, had another MRI done on his knee that has a problem with the blood flow in it. The report we received on April 29th is “The lesion is still there but it hasn’t gotten worse. So, he has been told to slowly start using his knee by cycling or swimming etc. If he doesn’t experience any pain or swelling then he can continue to slowly increase his activity. The Doctor wants to see him in 6 months just to make sure things are stable.” We know that Kyan would appreciate your continued PRAYERS for his knee to totally heal!!!

How THANKFUL we are for your PRAYERS even when you do not know what is going on!!!!! Two weeks ago, we found termites in our bedroom closet again!!! So, every day last week, our workers here had to take part of the wall down and treat the area affected, and put it all back together, adding new shelves. During the day things from the closet were put on our bed and around the house – what a mess!!!! As you can imagine it was very tiring!!!! THANK you also for PRAYING regarding the biopsy I had done on a cyst on my thyroid. It was benign for which we are thankful!!!! Another PRAYER request is for the pain I am having in my left wrist. It comes and goes like a sharp knife stabbing just below the thumb area. We think it may be carpal tunnel, and am trusting it will settle down!!! It acts up more when I am at the computer!!!!

Our hearts have been recently saddened. Saddened, yet we are THANKFUL as four PRECIOUS people we know are now with their SAVIOR WHO they all loved. Charlie’s Aunt Helen, who was 99 years old, was his last Aunt on his father’s side of the family. Now we are the oldies!!! Two of them were part of our lives and ministry since 1972!! Then our friend Bill, here at our retirement center, who Graduated to Glory this past week. We REJOICE that one day we will all be together in Heaven with our SAVIOR and others gone before us!! We are reminded of I Thessalonians 13b – “that ye sorrow not, even as others who have no hope.”

How THANKFUL we are to read reports of unreached people groups having God’s Word being translated in their mother tongue!!! PLEASE BE PRAYING as it says in Matthew 9:38 “PRAY ye, therefore, the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest.”, so that more unreached people groups will have the opportunity to clearly hear the Gospel and have an opportunity to put their faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior!!!!

We appreciate your continued PRAYERS regarding our desire to get to Australia to see our family there!!! Our tickets are supposed to be good until the end of this year. Charlie plans to inquire more this month and get an update on the status of our tickets!!! We rest in our FATHER to work it all out!!!

Again, we THANK YOU for being a vital part in our lives and ministry as we reach out to those our FATHER brings to us on our journey with HIM!


Charlie & Cherrie



I cannot resist sharing this unique funny story from our time in Australia many years ago: This past month we were reminded by our friend Helen of something that happened on one of Charlie’s trips to the Kimberly area of NW Australia. He would fly out there to encourage and help some of our missionaries in Language studies working with a group of Aborigines. This is what Helen shared…“Thank you Charlie and Cherrie… I know you guys have faced many challenging health issues but hope to some extent you are both getting rest and feeling a bit better… I often remind Kyla of when she was very little the time a ventriloquist came to Derby and she was absolutely terrified of this doll… and had to explain to Kyla that the doll was just a puppet, that was not alive and was stored in a case to keep the doll safe named “Charlie”…. There are just not words to explain away the horror, and dismay when your dear husband “Charlie Case” came to visit us in Derby and she found out that this “Charlie Case” was well and truly alive… it took some convincing and explaining that one :o)”