Betty sat on the wooden floor of the classroom and her eyes never left the teacher. Even when they brought her baby to be fed, she stayed focused on the teacher. Later, it was evident that God was doing a deep and lasting work in her heart. He was transforming her from darkness to light. When she returned home after the 15-day course, she and another woman who attended the course teamed up together to let others in the community know the powerful message of the gospel. It transformed her husband; Robert and they became co-workers to reach their community.

Through the years they saw fruit from their desire to share Christ. They would call me to ask advice or to order new books, and it was always refreshing to hear what God was doing. Yesterday they called me and their excitement for watching God at work had not diminished, nor had their thanks for Betty’s initial training, the course materials and the fruit God is producing. They also said, “Your time in coming here and teaching was not wasted; it is still bearing fruit.”

They went on to tell me that they have seen more and more interest in the community and they now have different groups at different stages of maturity. They have a course for unbelievers, one for new believers and one for maturing believers. They have added a course in English for local school children and some who have dropped out of school for various reasons. Betty is personally discipling the wives of 3 church leaders and are up to the book of Acts.

It is evident that God had his eyes on this couple. A little investment has had great rewards.

Thanking God for how he can use powerless people to do powerful things.


Jim & Kathy Tanner