Gardens Can Wait

Man can’t live by sweet potato alone!

I heard a great testimony today. God’s Word has impacted a whole village and great changes are taking place.

Melki is a young married man who came to our teacher training course a while back. He was eager to help his villagers come to know the truth that changed his life forever.

He went back to his village with great expectations, not in himself, but in the power of God’s Word. He started teaching through the first course and people heard the powerful message of the God of Creation and how He was holy, all powerful, never changing, eternal, all seeing and all knowing. Then they heard about the beautiful world God created-not for himself but for mankind.

When everything was in place, He created man and woman. They were as perfect as their surroundings. Then God’s enemy tricked the woman into eating the forbidden fruit and man and wife fell further then they could have ever expected. Melki’s villagers got more and more interested and asked him to teach every day. They decided their garden work could just wait until after they had finished class each morning. Many were thrilled to hear the gospel of grace for the first time. There were dramatic changes in their lives and in their community. More and more people were attracted by the transformation of their neighbours.

Now, Melki provides teaching for the unbelievers, new believers, and more mature ones. God transformed a community which was known for sin and addictions. The wonder of how God can use a man’s life never ceases to amaze me. Have you been amazed lately? Just think how He can use each one of us to teach and disciple others. Is discipleship more important to us than food?

Thank God for the Melkis of this world. Rejoice with us in our great God and His faithfulness in building His church.

Jim & Kathy Tanner