It started with strange electrical impulses coursing through my left side. Then I felt like I could pass out, but, I always feel like I might pass  out whenever something isn’t quite right in my body. I felt good enough to walk home from school that Friday evening March 12. We planned to go online again with classes in the coming week because at least four students had tested positive for COVID. I also heard that
Daniel (admissions counselor) was sick with COVID-like symptoms. Then our president, Jason, and his family tested positive for COVID. Our speakers for the missions’ conference March 8-11 tested positive after returning home to Phoenix.

Saturday morning, I awoke to the feeling that something for sure was not right. I had just purchased a thermometer so was able to detect that I had a low-grade fever by Saturday evening. For the first few days the fever waxed and waned throughout the day, reaching a peak at night. Since classes were back online, I was able to continue teaching when Monday rolled around. Thursday the 18th I went in to IBC to get tested for COVID using a blood test. Negative. But I was pretty certain by this time that I had COVID. I stopped at a free nasal-swab testing site on the way home from IBC. Results wouldn’t be available for up to 48 hours. My fever was fluctuating throughout the day between 99 and 102 and I felt worse and worse each day. I had developed a cough. My mind raced throughout the night so I couldn’t sleep.

Slowly I found myself sinking into a place I had never been before where I couldn’t tell for sure when I was awake and when I was dreaming. I lost track of days but still tried to keep teaching classes online. I prayed for someone to stay overnight with me, still not certain that I had COVID. God sent a loyal friend who stayed for two nights in my guest room and made sure I was eating. She set her alarm for the middle of the night to check that I was still breathing. I was afraid to sleep for fear the fever would spiral out of control and I wouldn’t be cognizant enough to call for help, but God sent Kathy. The positive result finally came on the 19th or 20th. How I prayed I had not exposed Kathy or
anyone else during the time I wasn’t sure I had COVID! Then came several nights of wrestling with demons, of thoughts that were uncontrollable, of being unable to pray. Yet I knew God was there and whether I lived or died, I was in His hands. My naturopathic doctor started keeping track of me on Friday and hung in there with me throughout the weekend, advising and encouraging. Kathy mobilized the care team from our church and ladies started providing meals every other day. What a blessing that was! Coreen and Daniel (who had just recovered from COVID) from IBC came over one evening and prayed with me and read Scripture. That was the last night I struggled with
demonic dreams or visions.

Sunday morning the 21st around 4 a.m. I felt suddenly refreshed. The fever had broken. Emotionally, as well as physically, I wasn’t ready to return to school, so I taught from home the entire next week as well, or asked others to cover my classes for me. But I was able to be back at church in person finally on Sunday the 28th.

Ahh, the sun! The blue sky! The smell of moist pine needles and the feel of a gentle spring breeze ruffling my hair! Oh the freedom of walking through a store (while suppressing a rogue cough now and then) and just talking to people! The world had come alive with little green shoots peeking through the snow while I had been sequestered. It was a new world to which I had awakened. I felt as though I had experienced a resurrection of sorts. I praise God for the reminder of the reality of the spirit world. It was as real to me some days (or nights) as the physical world that surrounded my senses. I praise God that He showed me He will take care of me and send help when I am truly in need, and that there actually are many people who care about me. I praise God that when death seemed closer than it ever has before I was not afraid but ready to face it with courage and confidence. Jesus has gone there before me.

The students are currently on their ministry trip at Broken Arrow Bible Ranch (where I ministered for 10 years) so we have shortened hours this week. Next week is their spring break, so things are more relaxed then too, thank God. I am recovering rather quickly, walking and biking again, though a lot slower than before.

May this weekend of celebrating new life and the blessing of Christ’s resurrection be particularly meaningful for all of us this year. Please pray with us for a calmer April, that everyone would stay healthy through the end of the school year, and that the students would work hard with passion and purpose.

Thanks be to God for His indescribable Gift, and blessed Resurrection Day to you.