Dear Team members,

As you will read, we REJOICE in all that the Lord has done over the years, of which you are a part of!!! We SURE are thankful for that and trust our Father to Bless and Encourage you also!!!!

We have a story to tell – an AWESOME story that continues on from our last Update!!!!!


Back in 1985 we took a work party from Australia to the Philippines to work on a building at our New Tribes Mission Philippine Training Center. While there, we met Mando and Mary Traballo, who were, and still are, on the teaching staff there to teach Filipinos to reach the unreached in their own country. We have had a part in Mando and Mary’s lives since then.

In our last Update we zeroed in on the ministry of Albert and Lynn Castelijn, who we had a part in training in Australia in the early 1990s and work with a people group in the Philippines ever since.

After we sent out our last Update, to our amazement, we received the following news from the Traballos which tied them to the Castelijns!!!!

Dear Charlie and Cherrie,


Nice to hear from you and from the Castelijn Couple. We know them by name but we did not yet meet them personally, because one of their young people study here at NTSM few years ago…. He had lots of story from their place their Missionary the Castelijns. Now Elvin is full pledge NTM- Phil. Missionary there… at I think at another place.

Now we send another new NTM-Philippine Missionary in the person of Mark and he will be partner to Elvin but later on after few months from now Elvin will get married to a young people in the place of Albert and Lynn Castelijn then Elvin and his wife after their wedding they will come here at NTSM because that girl wants to be a Missionary also and Mark will be left at there station so please pray for Mark, Elvin and his plan to get married this year.

We love you in the Lord.

Mando & Mary Traballo

The RIPPLE effect we are hearing about is AWESOME!!!! We helped to train the Castelijns, who work with a people group – believers from the that people group follow God’s leading and train, where Mando and Mary are on staff, to be full-fledged missionaries – sooooooo YOU being part of our lives and ministry are also part of that RIPPLE EFFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING PART OF ALL THESE LIVES TO REACH THE UNREACHED!!!!



Charlie & Cherrie



  • I took Cherrie to the ER on March 2nd as her back was not good and we wondered if it was her heart. All tests were OKAY, for which we are thankful. Still not sure what is the matter, so we appreciate your PRAYERS!! On April 9th she will be having a fine needle biopsy on her thyroid as one of the cysts has grown ½ inch. Again, we appreciate your PRAYERS!!
  • Our Grandson Kyan’s knee seems to be doing some better. He will be having another MRI in April, so we are trusting the problem is healing!!! We appreciate CONTINUED PRAYERS!!
  • Our other Grandson Ashton continues in training to be part of the Australian Military!! The training has been rough, but he is Encouraged and appreciates your CONTINUED PRAYERS!!
  • We have kept safe, not getting the Covid Virus. Both of us have had the first and second vaccination. No Update yet on when we can go to Australia, for eight weeks, to see family there. If the door opens, we may have to quarantine in a motel of the Australian Government’s choice for two weeks at our own expense!! We keep trusting the Lord to work that out and all other details in HIS PERFECT TIMING!! Our son Ben thinks it could possibly even be next year when the country opens up!!! So, we appreciate your CONTINUED PRAYERS!!