Psalm 147:16 NLT “He sends the snow like wool: he scatters frost on the ground like ashes.”

Greetings! We trust that you are doing well as we move further into the new year. Such a change this winter from last year when we spent the winter in Florida. We do receive snow here in Kennewick as you can see from the photo at the end of this update. It is beautiful, but we are thankful that it doesn’t last long.

It has been good to hear that many Ethnos360 missionaries (who left Papua New Guinea because of Covid) have now returned (120 since October 2020), and are engaged in their ministries. One of our associate members, who returned to the mission field last month, wrote that she is grateful to be a part of God’s work there to give the remote people groups the opportunity to hear of God’s love, grace and mercy for them.

Currently there have been 5 new associate members accepted for ministry with Ethnos360. At this writing I’m working with 4 applicants. They are two couples with one couple wanting to serve in Brazil and the other stateside at the Ethnos360 Aviation location. The other couple is wanting to serve in South America. Also, I’m in preliminary communications with a couple who are wanting to teach at the Ethnos360 mission school in Mexico.

Speaking of Ethnos360 Aviation, the department recently took possession here in the states of a Robinson(R66) Helicopter. It will be put into service in Papua New Guinea to serve remote church planting teams. Last year a letter to the mission came from a village leader that said,

I am a leader who looks out for my community…asking you to quickly come and live with us. We are ready for you. We are asking you this month to name a week or day when you can come. We are not asking you to give us money. We are asking you to teach us about new life and other things. We are hoping for the talk that has new life that talks about Jesus. That is all. We are waiting for you so don’t delay. That is all. This is my short talk…Please tell me when you decide what day you are coming to us.

The R66 will be a huge help in the church planting effort to people groups such as this!

There have been quite a few individuals applying for and being accepted to the Ethnos360 Interface program. Interface is a six weeks college-level missions course held in Papua New Guinea each year beginning in June. Also, there continues to be a number of individuals applying and be accepted to the 2 year Ethnos360 Training program in Missouri. If you would, please pray that there would be more individuals applying for Associate Membership, for a good enrollment at the training program for next fall, and also for the same at the Ethnos360 Bible Institute in Wisconsin.

This last year we praise the Lord that our health has been fairly good although Diann still deals with pain from her fibromyalgia. She would appreciate prayer regarding this. In June I’ll be 72 and am thankful to the Lord for good health. My status with the mission is Part-time which means a work week from 30 to 35 hours. I am the only Associate Coach and my responsibilities continue to include processing (phone calls, emails, filing, video interviews) of all applicants to the Ethnos360 Associate Program, reviewing of all documents from applicants to the Ethnos360 Interface program, keeping current the position postings on the Ethnos360 website plus other duties related to the Ethnos360 Connection Center.

As always we are deeply grateful for your prayers and faithful financial support.
May God bless you richly as only He can do in 2021.
In His Grip,
Dave and Diann
Ethnos360 Connection Center

Snow in Kennewick, WA!