What a month February was! I have four HUGE praises to share with you:

1) We dedicated the Learning Resource Center (as mentioned in my last update). The highlight video was shot and edited by a student, It was posted in early February; see here to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNg54MSXxnM.

2) The Lord’s people have been exceedingly generous towards IBC over the last two years. After seeking the Lord on my study leave, I presented to the IBC board the idea of paying off our only debt—a mortgage on the administrative office purchase of 2014, the remaining balance at just over $83K—by the end of the fiscal year in June. The board agreed to the idea—but said to do it immediately! So on February 5th I signed the monumental check that paid off our only debt (picture of the signing to the right). This means not only are we graduating students debt free, the school is again debt free itself! Praise the Lord!
3) At the annual conference of the Association for Biblical Higher Education, on February 19th, the Indian Bible College was awarded initial accreditation. It is the result of decades of hoping and praying and seven years of intentional work in the process. See the short video of the ceremony here: https://www.facebook.com/258307324188467/videos/1285029671897646. Here are some pictures of the event:

4) My family’s 7600 mile trip for the school was greatly blessed. In addition to the accreditation conference in Orlando, I met with prospective staff, school partners of all kinds, and staff of schools for Native Americans. We survived freezing fog in Texas, the most intense hail storm I’ve ever seen in Florida, and an insane amount of time together in the car! The family also did some enjoyable sightseeing. I’ll be sending a follow-up update in a week or two with pictures, highlights, and reflections from our trip.

I have two prayer requests for you:

1) A number of our staff and students are ill right now. A few have COVID-19, others the flu or a cold. IBC is doing all activities (class, chapel, staff meetings, etc.) virtually this week to allow our community to recover and minimize any further transmission. This response is partially to get the student body healthy for the annual Ministry Immersion Trip (MIT), scheduled for March 27-April 1. Last year this trip was cancelled due to COVID and it really demoralized the students; please pray for the physical health of our student body so they can fully engage in their service and ministry to Broken Arrow Bible Ranch in New Mexico.

2) We have two significant staffing needs; please pray for the Lord to provide the right person for each of these roles:
Maintenance Supervisor—Both our facilities/maintenance staff left town in 2020, and we have been struggling to keep up with facility maintenance and improvement.
Registrar—IBC’s Registrar Ammie Palmer (IBC alum; White Mountain Apache) is returning to the reservation this summer to reach and disciple her own people. We will celebrate this in our Spring newsletter. But this leaves us without a Registrar.

As you can see from this letter, IBC is greatly helped by the prayers and partnerships of the LORD’s people! You are part of these amazing blessings—thank you for being part of the team with us!
Dr. Jason Koppen
Indian Bible College